Pakistanis feel India flourishing due to its broad-minded approach


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Jan 9, 2012
Ludhiana, February 26
A Pakistani theatre group, including 15 females, has come to the city to promote Punjabi culture at the Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT). They will be staging two Punjabi plays — 'Chog Kasumbe Di and Sammi Di Vaar' at the institute.

Pakistanis believe that the reason India was flourishing recent years was due to its broad-minded approach where in Pakistan, people still felt suffocated. There was a social gap between the two countries, but it was "created" and "fabricated" by fanatics.

Talking to The Tribune, Sohail, a young artiste from Lahore, said by and large, the fanatics (be in India or in Pakistan) had been exposed. "The younger generation is certainly not going to live in a suffocated atmosphere. They will bridge the gaps. I believe that countries can grow and prosper if they do not adopt a rigid approach. I am happy to see that all are independent individuals here. There is more interaction and liberalisation in India," he said.

Dr Asma, a researcher at Oriental College, Lahore, and Dr Nigad Khurshid, a writer said India was like another home to them, not much difference between the two cultures. "We are here to promote Punjabi-the rich language of both the Punjabs. We are members of theatre groups- Lok Rahas, Lok Sangat and Lok Sujag, all in promotion of Punjabi, its rich traditions and culture," said Dr Asma.

The two plays, 'Chog Kasumbe Di and Sammi Di Vaar', will focus on social evils like gender discrimination, economic exploitation and atrocities on women by society. Saima (30) accompanied by her two sons Sachal (6) and Saanwal (4) said her husband was the director and she was assisting him. "We are so happy to be here. I saw girls driving cars and two-wheelers, they are so independent. I like the Indian curries and kebabs," she said.

The invitation to Pakistani troupe was extended by the Punjabi Naat Academy and the Indo-Pak Drama Festival will be held at two city colleges.

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