Pakistan Armed Forces ORBAT


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Sep 4, 2011
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First draft of Pakistan Air Force's ORBAT

  • 19 Infantry Divisions ??
  • 2 Mechanised Divisions
  • 2 Armoured Divisions
  • 2 Artillery Divisions
  • 51 Armoured Regiments
  • ARTILLERY: 1960-2000
    • Self Propelled Artillery: 420-450
      • 155 mm M109A2, A5 and L: 380-390
      • 203 mm M110: 40-60
    • Towed Artillery: 1539. 105 mm: 413. 122mm: 579. 155 mm:521. 203 mm 26
      • 105 mm M101: 300
      • 105 mm Mod56: 113
      • 122 mm Type 86: 179
      • 122mm Type 54-1: 400
      • 155 mm Panter: 72
      • 155 mm M198: 389
      • 155 mm. M114: 60
      • 203 mm. M115: 26
  • Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)
    • A-100 : 50-65
  • TANKS:2400-2800
    • VT-4 (Upgraded Al-Khalid/MBT-2000)3rd Gen: 2-4 delivered 176-240 planned/ordered(?)
    • Al-Zarrar/Type-59, based on T-54A. 2nd Gen.:710/1100
    • T-54/55. 2nd Gen: 50
    • Type-69 2nd Gen:. 2nd Gen: 400
    • Type-85 IIAP .2nd Gen: 270
    • Al-Khalid. Based on MBT-2000/Type-90-IIM. 3rd Gen: 350
    • Al-Khalid-I. 3rd Gen: 20
    • T-80UD. 3rd Gen: 320

Composition of an Armoured Division

  • 1 Armoured Division = 246/176 tanks
    • 2 Armoured Brigades = Total of 246/176 Tanks.
      • Each armoured brigade has 3/2 Tank regiments
        • Each regiment = 41-44 tanks in 3/2 Squadrons. 1 tank used by CO and 2nd IC each.
        • Each squadron = 13 tanks in 3 Troops
        • Each Troop = 3 Tanks
    • 1 Artillery Brigade = Total of 54-72 guns
      • Each artillery brigade has 2-3 Artillery Regiments
        • Each Regiment has 18-24 guns in 3 artillery batteries
        • Each battery has 6-8 guns
    • 1 Infantry Brigade = Approx 2700-3000 soldiers on average.
      • 1 Mechanised Infantry Brigade = 3 battalions
        • Each battalion = 800-900 men in 3-4 Companies.
        • Each company=80-120 men in 3-4 platoons
        • 10-15 sections with 10-20 men in each section.
    • Air Defence Brigade
      • Talha APC(M-113 copy) with RBS-70 SAM and Giraffe Radar in 2-3 Regiments
    • Engineers
Pakistan Army Corps & Divisions
  • I Corps, Mangla. Punjab Strike Corps Command

  • 6th Armoured Division (Gujranwala)
Uses Al-Zarrar (upgraded T-59) MBT
  • 7th Armoured Brigade, Gujranwala
  • 9th Armoured Brigade, Kharian
  • 11th Armoured Brigade (?)
  • 106th Air Defence Brigade
  • 314th Assault Engineers
  • 6th Armoured Artillery Brigade.

  • 6th Armoured Division Air Aviation Brigade(wartime)
  • 17th Infantry Division (Kharian)
  • 37th Mechanised Infantry Division (Kharian)
  • Artillery division or (I) Artillery Brigade ?
  • 8th (I) Armoured Brigade (allocated to 6th Div in war)
  • ?? (I) Infantry Brigade
  • ?? (I) Air Defence Brigade
  • II Corps, Multan. Punjab Strike Corps Command
    • 1st Armoured Division (Multan)
      • T-80UD tanks
    • 14th Infantry Division (Okara)
    • 40th Infantry Division (Okara)
    • 13th (I) Armoured Brigade
    • 44th (I) Mech Brigade
    • ?? (I) Artillery Brigade
    • ?? (I) Infantry Brigade
    • ?? (I) Air Defence Brigade
  • IV Corps, Lahore. Punjab Holding Corps Command
    • 2nd Artillery Division (Gujranwala)
    • 10th Infantry Division (Lahore)
    • 11th Infantry Division (Lahore)
      • ?? Artillery Brigade
      • 21st Infantry Brigade
      • 52nd Infantry Brigade
      • 106th Infantry Brigade
    • 212nd (I) Infantry Brigade, Lahore
    • 3rd (I) Armour Brigade
    • ?? (I) Artillery Brigade
  • V Corps, Karachi Sindh Command. (Eastern and Southern)

  • 16th Infantry Division (Pano Aqil)
  • 18th Infantry Division (Hyderabad)
  • 25th Mechanized Division (Malir)?? Corps reserve
  • 105th (I) Infantry Brigade
  • 31st (I) Mechanised Brigade, Malir
  • 2nd (I) Armoured Brigade, Hyderabad + 1 more ??
  • ?? (I) Artillery Brigade
  • X Corps, Rawalpindi. Kashmir Command.(Attack role in north and POK)
    • Force Command Northern Areas (Gilgit)
      • 80th Infantry Brigade
      • 150th Infantry Brigade
      • 323rd Infantry Brigade
      • 62nd Infantry Brigade
      • 61st Infantry Brigade
    • 12th Infantry Division (Murree)
      • 6 infantry brigades LoC
    • 19th Infantry/Mountain Division (Mangla)
      • 3 infantry brigades between Jhelum and Kel. Corps reserve
    • 23rd Infantry Division (Jhelum)
      • 4 infantry brigades between Kotli-Bhimber
    • Special Security Division /34th Infantry(?) (Chilas)
      • 9 Infantry battalions & 6 paramilitary wings =15000 troops. CPEC security
    • 111th (I) Infantry Brigade, Rawalpindi for VIP security & coups
      • 3 infantry battalions, 2 light artillery regiments, SSG battalion and 1 armoured regiment
    • 8th (I) Armoured Brigade, Kharian
    • ?? (I) Artillery Brigade
  • XI Corps, Peshawar. Western Command. (NWFP, Balochistan, Afghan border and reserve(?) for eastern oriented formations)
    • 7th Infantry Division (Peshawar)
    • 9th Infantry Division (Kohat)
    • ?? (I) Armoured Brigade
    • 1 special operations task force on rotation.
  • XII Corps, Quetta Western Command.(West Sindh, Afghan Border and reserve(?) for eastern oriented formations)
    • 33rd Infantry Division (Quetta)
    • 41st Infantry Division (Quetta)
    • ?? (I) Infantry Brigade
    • ?? (I) Armoured Brigade
  • XXX Corps, Gujranwala Punjab Holding Corps Command (Between Jhelum and Narowal,South of IV Corps boundary)

  • 8th Infantry Division (Sialkot)
    • 3-4 Brigades
  • 15th Infantry Division (Sialkot)
    • 4 Brigades
  • 2nd (I) Armoured Brigade
  • ?? (I) Anti-Tank Brigade
  • ?? (I) Artillery Brigade
  • XXXI Corps, Bahawalpur. Punjab Holding Corps Command
    • 26th/34th Mechanized Division (Bahawalpur). Corps reserve
    • 35th Infantry Division (Bahawalpur)
    • 101st (I) Infantry Brigade
    • 10th or 13th (I) Armoured Brigade
  • Air Defence Command, Rawalpindi
    • 3rd Air Defence Division (Sargodha)
    • 4th Air Defence Division (Malir)
    • 105th (I) Air Defence Brigade
  • Strategic Forces Command, Rawalpindi
    • 21st Artillery Division (Pano Aqil)
    • 22nd Artillery Division (Sargodha)
    • 2nd Missile Group (Sargodha)
    • ?? Missile Group, Hyderabad?

  • Special Services Group (SSG) Brigades
    • 1st SSG (12 companies in 3 Battalions)
      • 1st Commando Battalion
        • Ayub Company
        • Liaqat Company
        • Kamal Company
        • Mitha Company
      • 2nd Commando Battalion
        • Ghazi Company
        • Tipu Company
        • Quaid Company
        • Bilal Company
      • 4th Commando Battalion
        • Shaheen Company
        • Jungju Company
        • Yaqub Company
        • Yusuf Company
    • 2nd SSG (4 Companies in 1 battalion)
      • 3rd Commando Battalion
        • Hamza Company
        • Ibrahim Company
        • Zakria Company
        • Easa Company

  1. Air Force Strategic Command (AFSC),
  2. Islamabad Northern Air Command (NAC),
  3. Peshawar Central Air Command (CAC),
  4. Lahore Southern Air Command (SAC),
  5. Karachi Air Defence Command (ADC), Rawalpindi



  1. F-16 A/B Block 15 & C/D Block 52. 64(46+18). Multirole
  2. 46 Bought in 1980 as Block-15, 18 in 2008. all upgraded to Block-52
  3. JF-17 Block I and II. 98-120 in 5-6 Squadrons. Multirole. Block-III under development. 50 Block I and rest Block II.
  4. Mirage-III. 68. Interceptor.
  5. Mirage-V. 87. Ground attack. Both Mirage-III and V are upgraded under Retrofit of Strike Element (ROSE) program. 43 III & V bought from France in 1990 and 50 from Libya in 2004.
  6. J-7P and J-7PG 140/181(127+54). Interceptor. Old with poor serviceability. Being replaced by JF-17.


SAAB 2000 Erieye : 4. Original 4, 3 damaged, 2 repaired and 1 replaced
Shaanxi Y-8 (ZDK-03) : 4


Dassault Falcon 20: 2


Ilyushin-78: 4


C-130. 16 including 6 old from Australia
SAB-2000. 1 VIP duties.
Y-12. 2
CN-235. 3


  1. Hongdu JL-8/K-8P. 28-38. Advanced trainer.
  2. Cessna T-37. 30-39. Intermediate trainer.
  3. MFI-17 Mushshak. 120-149. Basic trainer.
  4. Chengdu J-7/FT-7. 7. Conversion trainer.
  5. Shenyang J-6/FT-6. 9. Jet trainer.


  1. Mi-17. 4
  2. AW-139.
  3. Alouette III. 15

Pakistan Air Force Bases & Squadrons

Bholari AB. 41 Tactical Wing

19th Squadron (Sherdils). F-16A&B. (F-16 shotdown in Feb 2019 was most likely from this unit)

Korangi Creek, Karachi.
Training base with F-6. F-7 and Mirage

Masroor. 32 Tactical Attack Wing.

4th Squadron (Karakoram Eagles). KE-03 AWACS
7th Squadron (Bandits). Mirage 3EA and 3DP. Tactical Attack.
8th Squadron (Haiders). Mirage 5PA2, 5PA3 and 5DD. Tactical Attack
22nd Squadron (Ghazis). Mirage-3DP, 5EF, 3EL,3BE & BL. Conversion Unit.
84th Squadron (Dolphins). AW-139, Mi-17SH

M.M. Alam AB, Mianwali, 37 Combat Training Wing
Training base
1st Squadron (Rahbers). K-8P. Training
18th Squadron (Sharp Shooters) F-7 and F-7P. Conversion unit.
20th Squadron (Cheetahs). F7PG, FT-7PG. Conversion Unit
86th Squadron. (Ababeel). Alouette-3. Search & Rescue.
Shooter Squadron. F-7, FT-7P

Minhas AB, Kamra. 33 Tactical Air Wing
Near Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra which manufactures JF-17 and overhauls F-7 and Mirages,
3rd Squadron. Saab-2000 Erieye. 4 AWACS
16th Squadron (Black Panthers. JF-17 and JF-17B. Multi role.
1st Flight- Abad, Burraq and Shahpar UAV.
87th Squadron (Dragonflies). Mi-17 and Alouette 3

Mushaf AB
Includes Airpower Center of Excellence (ACE) with Combat Commanders School (CCS) for Mirage, F-7, JF-17 and F-16
9th Squadron (Griffins). F-16A,B Multi role
24th Squadron (Blinders). Falcon-20. Electronic Warfare
82nd Squadron (Stallions). AW-139

Nur Khan AB, Islamabad. 35 Composite Air Transport Wing

6th Squadron (Antelopes) C-130B & E, L-100. Transport
10th Squadron (Buffaloes). IL-78MP. Tankers
12th Squadron. (Globe Trotters). F-27, Falcon 20, A301-304, G-IV. VIP & transport
41st Squadron. PA-34, Y-13, Ce-172, EMB-500, VIP & Transport
52nd Squadron (Markhors). CN-235M

Peshawar AB. 36 Tactical Wing
17th Squadron (Tigers). F-7PG & FT-7PG. Interceptors
26th Squadron (Black Spiders). JF-17. Multi Role
81st Squadron (Kangaroos). Alouette 3. Search & Rescue.

Quetta AB. 31 Tactical Wing
23rd Squadron (Talons). F-7PG & FT-7PG. Interceptors
28th Squadron (Phoenix). JF-17 Multi role
85th Squadron. Alouette 3, Search & Rescue

Rafiqui AB. 34 Tactical Wing
14th Squadron (Tail Choppers). JF-17. Air superiority ??
15th Squadron (Cobras). Mirage 3DA,3EA, 5DD,5DR & 5PA. Land attack.
25th Squadron (Night Strike). Mirage 5EF, 3DP & 5DD. Land Attack
27th Squadron (Zarrars). Mirage 5EF, 3DP. Land Attack
83rd Squadron (Kites). Alouette 3. Search & Rescue

Risalpur AB. 41 Tactical Wing
Hosts PAF’s Asghar Khan Academy with following Flying Training (FT) Wings:
Primary FT Wings:1st and 2nd Primary FT Squadrons. MFI-17
Basic FT Wing: 1st and 2nd Basic FT squadrons. T-37B, T-37C
Advanced Jet Training Wing: 1st AJT Squadron. K-8
College of FT with Flying Instructors School (T-37B), PAC College (Sf-25) and Sherdils Aerobatics (K-8)
38th Multi-role wing. Shaheen Training Corps (S6T)

Shahbaz AB, JACOBABAD. 39 Tactical Wing
2nd Squadron (Minhasians). Multi-role JF17.
5nd Squadron (Falcons). Multi-role F-16C-52 and D-52
11th Squadron (Arrows.) Multi-role F-16A and B
88th Squadron. Search & Rescue AQ-139

Sharea Faisal. PNS Mehran. 40 Wing
21st Squadron (Pegasus). C-130E and Saab-2000. Transport.

I'll be adding updates on my website and will try to do so in this thread at the same time


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Sep 4, 2011
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Pakistani Army Aviation Corps. Not much to talk about. Most of aircraft are old & nearing retirement.
One interesting thing is number of units raised in 80s, probably financed by American dollars.



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Considering the number of aircraft (civil & military both) they have, Pakis sure have a disproportionally large number of airstrips. Largesse of 4fathers put to good use. That being said, roughly 45 squadrons of all 3 branches are spread in just 11-12 bases. Majority of remaining bases barely anything more than bare airstrips, though a fair number do have good infrastructure.

Majority of remaining bases are barely anything more than bare airstrips, though a fair number do have good infrastructure. Indian military has talked about a list of 400(?) targets in Pakistan which may get pounded. Doable task with LCA & Prahar types inducted in large numbers.

Few "strategic" targets like these will need a bit more love. Massive pre-emptive strikes hardly ever work, but its still an interesting idea to play with. Brahmos for precision, , rocket artillery, CMs & SRBM for the rest with Jaguar, Su-30, Tejas as mudmovers.
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ORBAT of X Corps, Pakistan. Infantry heavy Corps with ~1 lakh irregular forces & heavily involved with terrorism, border firing in J&K. 1. FCNA brigade locations. 2. Irregular AK Brigades 3. Rest of units

Pakistani army #orbat under progress. Their armour force is much weaker than Indian and majority of anti-tank units not that great.



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Pakistani Armed Forces ORBAT, Part 2: Anti Tank, Air Defence & Army Aviation units and weapons

Excuse the bad formatting.
This section covers some of the components (can’t remember the right word for it at the moment) of Pakistani army like regiments, armour and anti-tank units. There is surprisingly little information about even basic information like infantry regiments of Pakistani army and a lot of data is missing.

Anti Tank
Pakistani Army utilises dedicated vehicle mounted anti-tank infantry battalions and organic anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) with some infantry battalions.These battalions have good mobility and are meant for harassing enemy armour formations as in defensive as well as offensive operations. Starting from the late 1950s, 1-2 battalions from certain divisions were assigned the role of Reconnaissance and Support (R&S) by arming them with weapons mounted on light vehicles. At that time jeep like vehicles were fitted with recoilless rifles and medium (and heavy?) machine guns. This formed a fast moving screening and reconnaissance element for rest of the forces.

Later on, most of these battalions were converted into Light Anti Tank (LAT) battalions assigned to brigade level command. There are some Heavy Anti Tank (HAT) battalions which are most probably under Corps or Division level control.
Following are some of the known anti-tank units:

19 Baloch LAT battalion
5 Punjab? LAT Regiment Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
21 Punjab LAT Battalion
23 Punjab LAT Battalion
26 Punjab LAT Battalion Sialkot
34 Punjab LAT Okara Cantt
TABLE 1: Known Light Anti-Tank Units
40 AK HAT XXXI Corps TOW on M113PA2 APCs
44 AK HAT XXX Corps Bhaktar Shikan on VCC-1 APCs
226 AK HAT Company
227 AK HAT Company TOW on M113PA2 APCs
36 Baloch Bhaktar Shikan on VCC-1 APCs
TABLE 2 : Known Heavy Anti-Tank Units

HQ-16AE/LY-80 40,0.015-18 9 x 4 Lahore IBIS-150 L-Band PESA 150km
HQ-9 27,200 Only rumours
HQ-7B/FM-90 SP 0.7 -15,0.015-6 15 x 3 S-Band AESA.25 km
SPADA-2000 25 10x 2 sections (6 missiles/ launcher). 750 missiles RAC-3D. 60km
Anza 0.5-6,0.03-4 2400-3500 missiles IR
FIM-92 Stinger 8,3.5 350 missiles IR
FN-6 MANPAD 5.5,3.8 295 missiles IR
RBS-70 MANPAD. SP 5,3 140 Laser
TABLE 3: Pakistan’s anti-aircraft missile inventory
5 Lt AD (Fakhar-e-Quaid)
6 Lt AD (Glorious)
13 Lt AD. Peshawar Cant
19 SP AD
20 Medium AD (Sky Saviours)
36 Lt AD
41 Med AD
43 Lt AD (Teer-Ba-Hadaf)
44 SP AD
52 Medium AD
58 Medium AD
67 Light? SP AD Multan Cantt
75 RCG AD (Katiba Mujahid)
88 Lt AD (Mardan-e-Haq)
90 Lt AD
95 Light AD Regiment. Warsk Garrison, Peshawar
100 Lt AD (Centurions)
102 Lt AD
103 Lt AD
104 Lt AD (Fakhar e Chaman)
126 Lt AD (G/M) Regiment (Victorious)
127 medium AD
133 RCG AD
134 RCG AD
135 Missile AD
136 RCG AD
140 Lt AD
141 Lt AD
142 Missile AD
143 Missile AD
144 SP AD
145 Lt AD
146 SP AD (Bahimmat)
147 Lt AD
148 SP AD (AK)
151 SP AD (The Pioneers) Bahawalpur
152 Lt AD
153 SP AD – RBS-70 SAM on APC
154 SP AD
155 SP AD
157 Lt AD
156 Lt AD
158 Lt AD
159 Lt AD
161 Lt AD
1st ‘The Pioneers’ PAC/MFI-17SA316B Mangla
2nd ‘ Above The Best’ PAC/MFI-17SA316B Lahore Composite
VVIP Flight Merged with 13th Squad in Aug 2006
3rd ‘Daring Three’ PAC/MFI-17SA315B Multan
4th ‘Gallants’ Bell 412EPMi-17-1V, Mi-35M Gilgit Combat Aviation Squadron plus transport?
5th ‘FearlessFive’ MI-17 Skardu
6th Emergency Relief Cell‘Anytime, anywhere’ AW-139, UH-1H Islamabad
7th ‘Scorpions’ Mi-17, SA316B PNS Mehran, Karachi
8th ‘Chumik Saviours’ L-19, MFI-17 Planes. Alouette-III Rawalpindi Composite
9th MFI-17, Alouette-III Peshawar Composite
10th “Balochis’ MFI-17 Multan
11th AAv Squadron AS350B3, PAC/MFI-17, SA315B Rahwali
12th ‘Desert Reckoner’ Mangla
13th ‘Mujahid’ Y-12 Rawalpindi
21st Quick Reaction ‘Jabir’ Mi-17, Puma? Tarbela Dam
24th ‘Desert Hawks’ Puma Multan
25th ‘Azam-O-Laggan’ Puma, Bell 412EP Gilgit
27th ‘Al-Najam-Us-Saqib’ Mi-8, MI-17 Rawalpindi
28th AAV Squadron IAR330SM, SA330J Rawalpindi
29th AAv Squadron Mi-17-1V, Mi-17V-5 Rahwali
31st Combat “Panzer’ AH-1F Cobra, Bell 206B-2/3 Multan Combat Aviation Squadron
33rd Combat ‘Air Wolves’ AH-1F Cobra, Bell 206B-2/3 Multan Combat Aviation Squadron
35th Combat ‘Air Mustangs’ AH-1F Cobra, Bell 206B-2/3 Multan Combat Aviation Squadron
50th Border Security Force
56th ISR Squadron Beech 200, Beech 350/350i, Ce208BCe208B EX Rawalpindi Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron
199 EME Battalion ‘Pioneers’ Repair TH-300PAC/MFI-17 Rahwali 4 companies for Flight line Ops, Technician training, Field Repair & Base Repair.
299 EME Battalion Repair SA315B Mi-8, Alouette-III Rawalpindi
399 EME Battalion Repair Mi-17
499 EME Battalion Repair AH-1F Cobra
599 EME Battalion ‘Optimists’
Central Aviation Spares Depot, Dhamial Formerly Central Ordnance Aviation Depot.
Ordnance Aviation Depot, Multan Multan
1st Forward Area Arming Refuelling Company
2nd Forward Area Arming Refuelling Company
3rd Forward Area Arming Refuelling Company
301st,302nd & 303rd Fuel Storage Platoon
351st, 353nd, 353rd Field Supply Platoons
Pakistan Rangers
Frontier Corps NWFP Aviation Flight
Pakistan Rangers, Sindh
Accident Investigation Board
Army Aviation Cell Artillery Centre
1 Light Company Defence Service Guards
AAv Engineering School
Qasim AAv Base
AAv School, Chakla
Combat Group
503rd Workshop EME
HQ AAv Command
Aviation Directorate
Pakistan Army Aviation Corps

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