Pak editorial asks its Gvt to end cross-border terrorism


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Jul 31, 2009
Using terror as 'strategic asset' would create trouble for Pak sooner or later: Edit

Mon, Jan 18 05:15 PM

Islamabad, Jan. 18 (ANI): Pakistan should end its policy of supporting insurgents, as the shelf life of so-called "strategic assets" is over and unleashing them any more would create problems for the country sooner or later, a Pakistani newspaper has opined.

"Pakistan is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world and the epicentre of terrorism. Instead of hiding our heads ostrich-like in the sand, we need to end this policy of supporting our so-called strategic assets. The shelf life of such a policy has ended long ago," according to an editorial published in the Daily Times.

The edit further said that Pakistan has a long history of letting its soil be used for cross-border terrorism, but now the country needs to understand that insurgent elements have done more harm than good.

"We cannot deny the fact Pakistan has had a long history of letting its soil be used for cross-border terrorism. Now that we have committed to not let our soil be used for cross-border terrorism, it is hoped that this 'commitment' will be followed in both letter and spirit," it said.

A continuation of support to militias would not only brew trouble to Pakistan and neighbouring countries but to entire world, the report said.

"We have to understand that if we unleash militias of fanatical bent, sooner or later they will create trouble for us as well," it said.

"A continuation of this policy will not only spell trouble for Afghanistan, Pakistan and the region, but the entire world. It is a critical struggle and can only be won by eradicating terrorism from our soil," it concluded. (ANI)


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Jun 3, 2009
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It is silly to write a news story based on the editorial of some other news paper.

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