Netanyahu "experienced" a new top-secret weapon


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Mar 21, 2009
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Netanyahu "experienced" a new top-secret weapon

Many hours of the absence of the Prime Minister of Israel is not connected with his visit to an Arab country, as many have interpreted. This version - a "shadow veil. In fact, Binyamin Netanyahu was present at the secret testing of new weapons XXIII century, which was held at a specially equipped sensitive sites in Israel's Negev desert reports with reference to authentic source in the office of Israeli prime minister.

According to the source, the uniqueness of this weapon is a thin laser beam (diameter of not more than 5 cm), which runs from the ground via satellite. Entering into an object with the given coordinates (anywhere in the world), it completely destroys its molecular structure. That is, a person or object at a particular location, destroyed almost immediately, with no apparent effect. Such weapons can be sverhsensatsiey in the history of weapons, because the destruction of terrorists or any other objects and goals with known coordinates would require a split second and no escape from it there.

Demonstration of such power has made an indelible impression on everyone present, according to our source, noting that the successful tests have given the green light at the end of this project.

As part of Benjamin Netanyahu in the tests, it was important before the visit to the United States and other countries to see that Israel came into possession of a powerful new weapon, and this is likely to be a kind of trump card in the next negotiations.

But why the press service did not disclose this fact, running various versions of a cover, is not clear. Perhaps for the reason that the disclosure of the secret Israel has not yet received approval from the U.S., which does not seem to have even a similar weapon.

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