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Should the Indian government use armed forces against the naxals/maoists?

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Oct 14, 2020
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After turkish army and turkish Gendarmerie ( CRPF equivalent), now turkish civilian police have brought t-129 atak helicopter for "national security".
Whereas we live in a country where we loose our soldiers in broad daylight and arming our CAPFs with armed drones is considered militarization of the force!!
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Police will remain under Erdogan, the only reason he bough S-400 was because he was afraid that he won’t survive next coup attemp. Last time a Turkish F-16 had bombed the parliament of Turkey during a failed coup attempt. S-400 is unable to be integrated to integrated air defence command of Turkish military hence S-400 saved him from Air attacks from his own military lol.

Similarly he made the Police buy those T-129s so that Turkish military’s coup attempt is foiled.


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Apr 29, 2020
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Any action taken against the Naxals, after the sacrifice of almost 2 dozen soldiers?
Destroying naxali is not 1 day issue and this process that will take decades.
Always remember Vietnam when US forces used military to destroy North Vietnam ultimate result US is defeated. Area under left corridor is bigger than Vietnam and forests is also dense.
First of all build rail and road to connect this densely forested naxali area .
Even controlling kashmir is harder than Afghanistan. Kashmir geography and climate are more harsh and mountains of kashmir are also higher than Afghanistan


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Aug 28, 2019
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The CAPFs are considering moving towards using HAL Rudra helicopter Gunships and HAL LCH light attack helicopters in combat against Leftist Terrorists. The news is in Malayalam I believe.
The news anchor doesn't explicitly say "CAPFs are considering"
He is just saying "people are of the opinion" everywhere
And saying about the advantages of such systems
And most is just halla-balla, showing footage from elsewhere, even from LAC, don't go into this, only dedicated air wing is with BSF, if cobras want air support it'll be provided by AF, but still now the orders for LCH is not given, it's a shame actually, that's one beautiful/capable helo, deploy these babies against the commie scum and it'll delete those fuckers in a few weeks if not less
May 19, 2018
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Maoists Attacked Nalco Mine

According to The Times of India that over 200 Maoists attacked Nalco Mine in Orissa and were hold by 22 CISF jawans for 10 hours, the jawans not only inflicted heavy damages to guerrillas but also saved life of 150 who were held hostages.

The link and the report from The Times of India follows:

22 CISF men hold 200 Naxals for 10 hours, save 150 lives
14 Apr 2009, 0524 hrs IST, Satyanarayan Pattnaik, TNN
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DAMANJODI (KORAPUT): For 10 hours, a band of 22 CISF jawans battled more than 200 heavily armed Maoists, without back-up or reinforcements, and
saved the lives of 150 Nalco staff who were held hostage by the guerrillas in Orissa's Damanjodi since Sunday night. The nightlong encounter took place in the largest bauxite mine in Asia.

The CISF lost 10 of their own and are believed to have inflicted heavy damage on the attackers. Bodies of four Maoists, including a woman, were recovered. Blood trails suggest the Maoists dragged many more bodies away. But the guerrillas did manage to get their hands on a cache of explosives. Two critically wounded jawans were air-lifted to Vizag, while seven others have been admitted to Damanjodi hospital.

When police finally reached the Panchapatmalli hilltop in the morning, they were in for a heart-rending sight. Bodies lay strewn. Some Nalco employees who had been held hostage were retching uncontrollably, while others were wailing. They all owed their lives to CISF men.

The survivors among the saviours — the three that escaped unhurt and the nine injured — had a dazed look but they still clutched their rifles, ready to fight.

Eyewitnesses said they had seen the extremists loitering in the area in batches during the day on Sunday, but suspected nothing. "We thought they were tribals going hunting in the forest since the Chaiti festival is on," said a Nalco official.

The Maoists launched their assault in the cover of darkness. A group of 50 attacked the fire station and took nearly 100 Nalco staff, including mine workers, hostage. They herded them into a canteen, snatched their mobile phones, and cut off power. Two CISF jawans were caught by surprise and gunned down without warning. As the first group set fire to some offices, a bigger unit headed for the 'magazine room' where explosives are stored. The 22 CISF jawans deployed there had sensed trouble and taken battle positions. The long night had begun.

Thousands of rounds were exchanged between the two sides which started around 9.30pm and continued till 6.30am. Eight CISF jawans were killed.

why maoist attack nalco mine ?


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Sep 10, 2020
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13 naxalite killed more casualties expected
We ambushed the meeting, killed 15 out of 50 60 as they escaped in jungle. Good no but could have been better if done with uavs

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