NATO exercise "Jackal Stone 2009" in Croatia


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Feb 16, 2009
About the exercise

"Jackal Stone 2009" (JS 09) is the name of the international military exercise to be held in the Republic of Croatia throughout multiple locations from September 10 to 27, 2009. Approximately 1,500 members of the special operations forces from 10 countries and members of the Croatian Ministry of Interior Special Police will participate in the exercise.

The exercise will be co-organized by the Special Operations Battalion of General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces and U.S. Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR). Participating partner countries include: Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine and the United States.

The main objective of the JS 09 exercise is to enhance capabilities and interoperability amongst the participating special operations forces as well as build mutual respect while sharing doctrinal concepts, training concepts and various tactics, techniques and procedures.

No live ammunition will be used during the exercise, and the soldiers will use only their personal weapons. Other major equipment to be used includes Croatian Air Force and Air Defence helicopters, U.S. Air Force aircraft, U.S. Army helicopters and a U.S. Navy Destroyer.

Special Operations Battalion of the Croatian Armed Forces General Staff and Special Police Forces of the Ministry of Interior, as well as special operations troops from other participating countries will participate on the exercise.
Director of the exercise is the Deputy Chief of General Staff for Operations Rear Admiral (UH) Zdenko Simicic, Commander of the exercises is Major Geneneral Frank J. Kisner (SOCEUR Commander) and his deputy on the Croatian side is Brigadier General Drazen Scuri.
There is no special cost of the exercise, while costs related to accommodation, logistics and transport, each participating country settles itself.

About exercise :: MORH - Ministarstvo obrane Republike Hrvatske - slu?beni web portal

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