N.Korea cargo ship RIM´s crew kill some pirates and evades helped by spanish frigate


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Mar 21, 2009
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The frigate 'Victoria' help to flee to a merchant who slipped away from Somali pirates

The frigate Victoria today has prevented the crew of the Rim, North Korean flag and owner of Libya, which had just regained control of the hijacked ship after four months, was captured again by the pirates. There was, as on other occasions, to fire a shot.

Early in the morning, the Rim informed the Operation Atalanta that had driven the pirates of the boat after a hard battle that one crew member was seriously wounded by gunfire and several of the hijackers were killed. They were Garacade southeast, on the northern coast of Somalia and the pirates tried to recapture it with other vessels are hijacked, the Voc Daisy. To avoid this, the command of Operation Atalanta alerted the nearest vessel, the Spanish frigate, which was about 100 miles to come to their rescue. The presence of the helicopter Victoria finally managed to dissuade the kidnappers, who were turned away.

The crew of the Rim was seriously wounded in the Spanish frigate embarked for treatment. Almost simultaneously, the owner of a ship flying the Panamanian flag and 24 crew members reported her abduction.

Defense plans to send to the area in late August or early September to patrol Infanta Cristina and the assault ship Galicia, with capacity for 615 people and six helicopters, but limited its budget not to exceed the limit of 395 troops set for this mission. Meanwhile, only remain in the Indian Ocean, the frigate Victoria.


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