Militancy in J&K at lowest ever: More people die in road accidents


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Feb 23, 2009
Militancy in J&K At Lowest Ever

Dec 27 l 2012

The year 2012 has seen "lowest terror violence" since the outbreak of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir over two decades ago with 37 deaths in such incidents in the state.

This year, the state has witnessed 45 per cent decline in militancy as compared to the last year.

Last year, 73 people, including civilian and security personnel, lost their lives to 195 terror related incidents, while this year 37 people were killed in a total of 73 incidents.

A recent report on militancy, compiled by the state Home Ministry up to November end this year, said, "2012 is the year of the lowest terrorist violence in the 23 years long militancy in Jammu and Kashmir."

Of the 118 terror incidents, there have been 28 incidents of hurling grenades, five incidents of explosion, 33 incidents of random firing, 44 incidents of cross-firing, 2 arsons cases and 5 arms snatching cases this year, it said.

As many as 95 people, including 23 civilians, 14 security personnel and 58 terrorists were killed this year. There were a total of 173 people killed in J&K last year including 40 civilians, 33 security forces and 100 militants.

There was a trend fall in militancy related incidents from 368 in 2010 to 195 in 2011 in J&K as well.

As many as 69 security personnel, 41 civilians and 229 militants were killed in 2010.

2009 saw deaths of 79 civilians in terrorist related violence, data further added.

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