Launch: PSLV C54 with Oceansat-3 (EOS-06) and rideshare of 8 small satellites - 26 November 2022 11:56 IST


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Jan 7, 2016
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Love this. We don't know about the mission completion in live telecast as this happens after almost 45 minutes. We get to know about the main satellite at the time of live telecast.
I stand corrected. The mission was for 8400 second as per one video.


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Jan 12, 2020

Global false colour composite mosaic generated from EOS-06 dataHome/PSLV-C54 EOS-06 Mission /Global false colour composite mosaic generated from EOS-06 data
Mar 29, 2023
NRSC/ISRO has generated global False Colour Composite (FCC) mosaic from the images captured by the Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) payload on board EOS-06. The mosaic with 1 km spatial resolution is generated by combining 2939 individual images, after processing 300 GB data to show the Earth as seen during Feb 1-15, 2023. OCM senses the Earth in 13 distinct wavelengths to provide information about global vegetation cover on Land and Ocean Biota for global oceans.






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Apr 29, 2015
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Precise Air Quality Monitoring with OCM-3 Aerosol Optical Depth Product from EOS-6 Satellite
March 4, 2024
ISRO has developed and validated an Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM-3) Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) product. This data product enables determining the intricacies of air quality dynamics over the landmass of the Indian subcontinent. It is developed using the SAC AErosol Retrieval (SAER) algorithm, an innovative tool. It utilises EOS-6 satellite data.
The product is accessible for researchers and students through MOSDAC after the formal registration. This data repository beckons researchers to unravel air quality intricacies like never before. The data serves as a benchmarking air quality simulation model, providing valuable insights for scholars and policymakers towards a cleaner and healthier future.
This advancement is enabled by the remarkable 1 km spatial resolution of the OCM-3 onboard EOS-6. The satellite EOS-6, launched in November 2022, is equipped with a state-of-the-art OCM sensor, marking a significant leap in our ability to monitor atmospheric aerosols.
OCM-3 AOD product data provides unprecedented insights into aerosol concentrations across the Indian landmass. It delves deep into the particulate matter suspended in the atmosphere, empowering researchers to navigate the complexities of air quality dynamics with precision. Its high-resolution data reveals the dynamics of particulate matter (PM2.5/PM10), offering insights into their distribution and transport over metropolitan areas. Beyond the Indian skies, the OCM-3 AOD product serves as a global resource for monitoring aerosols worldwide, offering insights into aerosol blankets from diverse sources such as South Asian fires and Canadian wildfires.
OCM-3 AOD product is rigorously validated against ground measurements. A comprehensive validation spanning four months from January to April 2023, comparing aerosol measurements with ground truth from AERONET stations over the Indian landmass, confirms the credibility of the data. Extensive validation of the OCM-3 AOD product over India and other South Asian countries has shown excellent performance with correlations as high as 0.8.
As case studies, the recent investigations unveil a notable increase in AOD values post-October 13, 2023, particularly over the Indo-Gangetic Plain. Delhi consistently exhibits high AOD values, spotlighting the enduring impact of pollution during and after Diwali. Mid-December witnessed some improvement in air quality, followed by another spike in AOD levels during mid-January 2024. The AOD and fire products, coupled with trajectory modelling, corroborate extensive fire activities, underscoring the role of agricultural residue burning in severe air pollution.
Thus, OCM-3 AOD offers a comprehensive perspective on shaping a future where every breath signifies progress. Stakeholders are encouraged to register at MOSDAC, explore and contribute to advancing the precise monitoring of the air quality.

OCM-3 AOD product (1 km resolution) on January 31, 2024






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