Khaleda hopes stronger Indo-Bangla ties


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Nov 22, 2015
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Khaleda hopes stronger Indo-Bangla ties

Outgoing Indian High Commissioner Pankaj Saran met BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia at her Gulshan residence in Dhaka. Photo: BNP

Star Online Report

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia today hoped that the friendly relations between Bangladesh and India will be strengthened further in the days to come.

The BNP chief said this while outgoing Indian High Commissioner Pankaj Saran met her at her Gulshan residence in Dhaka.

During the hour-long meeting from 6:50pm, both sides talked various bilateral and international issues, meeting sources said.

BNP standing committee members Abdul Moyeen Khan, BNP chairperson’s advisers-- Reaz Rahman and Sabihuddin Ahmed assisted Khaleda in the meeting.

There was no formal briefing from either side on the outcome of the meeting.

A BNP leader who was present at the meeting however told The Daily Star that in the meeting Khaleda and Pankaj discussed wide range of issues relating to bilateral interests of the two nations.

The Indian envoy thanked the BNP chief for extending her cooperation to him during his tenure in Dhaka.

1. Khaleda works with Pakistan and its ISI against India.

The problem for a patriotic Bangladeshi like me is that Pakistan is exploiting us to carry out an unnecessary proxy war against a nuclear giant, whereas we have more important things to do such as massive poverty alleviation.

2. Khaleda's son, Tariq Zia who has a awful reputation in Dhaka and in Bangladesh is far worse, as he is far more pro-Pakistan and more "pro-Islamist" i.e. he is not particularly religious himself but is very favourable towards pro-Pakistan Islamic groups, whereas Hasina works with other Islamic groups who are not pro-Pakistan (mainly indifferent to it e.g. Sufis, Deobandis etc).

3. This event above is no doubt just the general routine pleasantry of politics but it does signify that India does consider Khaleda Zia still a power that it is worthy to liaise with e.g. the ambassador meeting this inept and corrupt clown, the real question however is will Khaleda abandon her hatred of India and stop working on behalf of Pakistan to damage India?

4. Khaleda is an ignorant uneducated woman who elsewhere would have remained a housewife, she knows very little about the world and reality and follows the advice of senior advisors, depending on which one is in her favour she follows that advisors opinion.

The other problem apart from the big problem of Pakistan sponsoring her, is her links with Jamaat e Islami, her coalition partner, whom she refuses to cut ties with.

Unless Khaleda can give visible proof of repenting and changing her ways and dragging Bangladesh in to a Pak v India turf war by dropping Jamaat, there is no reason to trust this ISI-sponsored Pakistani dalal (agent).

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