Just as Pla-land dangles Packland as a constant distraction absnec for India to have equivalence


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Aug 10, 2009
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Actually the title says most of what i would like to have to be discussed here

Pla-land uses packland as a constant threat , irritant - disgust ....as such they are subtly availing of the principle of asymmetric warfare i.e. using a small effort to leverage a much large force-effect

just as india is after 70 yrs losing patience with pack using this principle ( as I quote Gen retd GD Bakshi in many of his statements on republic tv and i suppose elsewhere too )

so we need a coordinated policy to counter this effect by enlisting certain nations to do the same to them as they are doing to us .... vietnam, japan, mongolia , philippines come to mind

the best is probably vietnam as it is strong-minded and has serious maritime issues with pla-land especially regarding SCS and oil exploration plus the northern border disputes and previous war(s) with pla-land

japan may be too sophisticated to need such an alliance with india and may prefer to seek usa assistance instead ..... philippines may be too disorganized to be of any use even to itself

mongolia is the other nation that we should consider in addition to vietnam .... if possible burma could be added but the pla-land influence is rather strong so at least neutralise them

appreciate all, any comments ...thanks , regards R

erratum : title misspelt;- absnec = abs nec = absolutely necessary


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Apr 13, 2013
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Its the same thing India is currently doing, but much silent approach on such.
Rather than portray ourselves as expansionist like china, India is using its best and strong soft diplomacy tools.

The current Govt has already vectored in defence man. units in Vietnam.

Ports in Indonesia and Phil.

Mongolia is naturally friendly towards India. Its a small nation and India is sensibly investing in Mongolia as it did with NoKo.

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