Join a French Rafale jet during a reconnaissance mission over Iraq


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Apr 13, 2013
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An interesting video brings you aboard a French Rafale during a recce mission over Iraq.

Here's a footage filmed from a French Air Force Rafale involved in a reconnaissance mission on ISIS targets over Iraq.

The video is particularly interesting as it shows the aircraft perform the ground test of the Thales AREOS Reco NG pod, the reconnaissance pod carried by Rafale F3.

The pod can take pictures both at low and high altitude at very high-speed from stand-off distance. Optical sensors rotate 180 degrees and operate in two spectral bands (visible and infrared) to capture images of day and night view.

Noteworthy, the footage shows the Rafale take fuel from the Italian Air Force Boeing KC-767 tanker deployed in Kuwait to support the US-led coalition.

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