Israeli spying equipment destroyed


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Mar 21, 2009
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Israeli spying equipment destroyed

A blast rocked the Wadi Houla area in southern Lebanon overnight Saturday, apparently caused by the detonation of three "spying devices" which Israel had planted in the area, Hizbullah TV station al-Manar reported on Sunday.

Al-Manar claimed that after the Israeli devices were discovered, at least one was remotely destroyed by the IDF.
Lebanese Army and UNIFIL troops arrived at the scene amid public panic and began working to destroy one of the devices, claimed the TV station.
Popular Beirut radio station Voice of Lebanon (VDL) reported that the explosion had occurred following a breach in Hizbullah's secure telecommunications network, which reportedly led to the discovery of two 50-meter cables near an Israeli outpost on the border.

According to VDL, one of the cables had been used for wiretapping, while the other had been used for broadcasting. News agency DPA in Beirut quoted a Lebanese source who suggested that the devices the Lebanese Army had detonated were "batteries" belonging to the "espionage device" which had exploded.

IDF troops were said to have been conducting patrols close to the border later in the day.
Hizbullah has for years been claiming to find various forms of "listening" or "spying" devices on Lebanese soil.
The IDF Spokesman Unit said it was aware of the reports, adding that it was "looking into them."

Hizbullah say blast caused by espionage device | Middle East Conflict

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