Indonesian spies are using Chinese electronic equipment to spy on Aus


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Dec 20, 2012
Indonesian spies are using Chinese electronic equipment to spy on Aussies |

INDONESIA'S military intelligence agency is using sophisticated Chinese surveillance equipment to target Australian officials, companies and individuals.
And Jakarta and Beijing are conducting a growing number of combined spying operations against Australia, according to well-placed sources.
Following revelations by News Corp that Australian cell phones were being bugged for between $300 and $1000 by companies directly linked with the Indonesian military, it can be revealed that information intercepted by the phone taps is distributed to military authorities in China via Indonesia's military intelligence agency Badan Inteligen Strategis (BAIS).
The phone taps are only a tiny element of a targeted espionage operation that uses fixed and mobile interception equipment to bug Australian diplomats, corporations and private citizens.
This includes vans equipped with the latest Chinese listening technology. Much of the equipment is based on western designs that have been stolen by China and provided to Indonesia by China's 3rd Department of the Peole's Liberation Army (PLA). The BAIS is closely linked to the 3rd Department.

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