India Sends more 80 ITBP Commandosto Afghanistan

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Apr 15, 2014
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Security measures at Indian missions
in Afghanistan have been enhanced
with both ITBP and Afghan security
forces strengthening the defence
mechanisms in the wake of the recent
attack on the Consulate in Herat.
Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)
force chief Subhas Goswami, who had
recently visited that country for an
on-the-spot assessment, said the
Indian Embassy in Kabul and four
Consulates in Herat, Kandahar,
Jalalabad and Mazar-e-Sharif have
been brought under heightened
security measures right after the
attack on May 23.
"We have already strengthened our
security and defences at all the
missions we are guarding in
Afghanistan including at Herat. Some
more measures will be deployed soon.

read full news here ----------> India Sends more 80 ITBP Commandos to Afghanistan |


Maulana Rockullah
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Aug 12, 2009
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Yesterday saw Arnab's debate and the Pakis were in FULL DENIAL as usual about any involvement in attacks on Indian assets in AFG.

And they keep repeating "lets start/talk peace" .

The radical bearded Mullah of a Army(cant remember his name) said India wants to be the "Choudhary" of this region.

Seems like Pakis are butt hurt to see India showing just a bit of it's Chaudhripan in its region and specially in AFG.Pakis are really irriritated the way India is increasing its foothold in AFG which Pakis think is their colony and treats Afgans as their slaves.

So all the talks/peace etc is futile since Pakis would always be in the clutches of radical mullahs who in Army cloths who openly support terrorism and do not follow Islam.Pakis would be divided into smaller pieces if they kept their denial mode.
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