Funnily, they get top marks: Meet the CET, CBSE toppers 2009


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Feb 23, 2009
Funnily, they get top marks

They are naughty, bunk classes, slag boring lecturers and hardly burn the midnight oil. The toppers of CET and IIT-JEE, results of which were announced on Monday, defy the stereotype of the nerd

The CET results have been announced and the brat pack have come out on top. They are students who excel in their studies, but who also prove that academic brilliance can go hand in hand with a fun-filled and sprightly campus life. Anish Bhat, who has scored first rank in both medical/dental and Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H) in the CET says he never hesitated to freak out with friends. “I was mischievous. Along with two of my friends, I loved distracting lecturers. My target was the Physics teacher as we found the lectures boring. To make the classes more interesting, we used to sing in the class,” he said.

Recalling one such incident, he added, “We were once caught singing ‘Socha Hai’ from the Bollywood flick Rock On. On noticing us singing, the teacher immediately threw a question at me. I retorted with the right answer. She had no choice but to allow me to sit for the rest of the class.”

Of course, he was often pulled up for his pranks. “Punishment meant being made to stand at the back of the classroom. However, my correct answers often saved me,” he said. When it came to studies, Anish had a flexible timetable. He would spend four hours studying every evening, but with a few breaks. He said that he was expecting a good ranking, but the first rank came as a surprise. However, this topper is yet to decide his future. He has done well in the AIEEE exams and is expecting a rank there too.


It was a different kind of competition for Karan Ramakrishna. Karan, who secured fourth rank in medicine and ninth in ISM&H, said his biggest competitor was his identical twin Rohan. “We were competitors since our school days. He fared better than me most of the time. But this time we are sort of equal.” With a passion for playing basketball, this six-footer said, “I got the fourth rank in CET, but Rohan was 515th. This looked disturbing until we saw his IIT- JEE results. He has got a seat in the extended list of IIT and I am really happy for him.” As for Rohan, he is on cloud nine. “I have not only got a seat in IIT, but I have a seat at the University of Toronto and in Waterloo. Earlier, I was sad about my CET results, but the IIT-JEE results has reinforced my confidence,” he said. Their age difference is just seven minutes, and the two of them share a love for basketball and quizzes. “We never fight over studies. Instead, we motivate each other. But we fight over other things. For example, we challenge each other over some matter and invariably one of us loses. We then fight over it and it acts as a great stressbuster,” Rohan added.

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Mar 7, 2009
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Well back benchers always rule...c'mon I sleep all day and still manage to get a first class in my dentistry...but I get screwed in internals for my misbehaviour and poor attendance.

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