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Feb 12, 2009
101 Para ---- 101st paratroopers Indian Army special forces
123----Indo -US nuclear deal
6:15---- Univ slang, stands for F. O.(go away in unparliamentary language)

A2A-----Air to air
A2G---air to ground
AAA------Anti-aircraft artillery
AAD-------Advanced Air Defence
AAW ------ anti air warfare
ABM-----Anti-Ballistic missile
ACM----Air chief Marshal
AD------Air defence
ADEWS--- Air Defense Electronic Warfare System
AESA---Active electronically steered array
AEW----Airborne early warning
AEW&C-Airborne early warning and Control
AFAIK---- As far as I know
AFB---------Air force base
Afg/A'stan , A'Stan----Afghanistan
AI----------Air Interdiction/Artificial intelligence
AIM ------- Airborne Intercept Missile (U.S. military)
AIP------Air Independent Propulsion
AK---------Al-Khalid (pakistani tank)
ALCM-------------Air Launched Cruise Missile
ALG---------Advanced landing ground
AMRAAM---American medium range air to air missile
AoA-----Angle of Attack
APC-----Armoured personnel carrier
APFDS-----Armour piercing Fragmentation discarding Sabot
APM-----Anti personnel mines
ATGM----Anti tank guided missile
ATM-----Anti tank Mines
AShCM----------Anti-Ship Cruise Missile
ASTOR-----Airborne stand off Radar
ASW--------------Anti submarine Warfare
AWAC--Airborne early warning and command and control
AWHR-----Advanced Heavy Water Reactor
AZ---------Al-Zarar (Pakistani tank)
AfPak------Afghanistan-Pakistan (obama's renowned afpak strategy----fakap strategy)
Amraamski ----- Russian R 77/AA12 Adder air to air missile
Atak-----SSK, SSN

B'desh---- Bangladesh
Be ------- Beriev (Russian)
BLA-------Baluchistan Liberation Army
BM-----Ballistic missile
BMD-----Ballistic missile defence
BRIC------Brazil, Russia India China
BVR----------Beyond visual range

C3I------Command, Control, Cmmunication and Intelligence
C4I-----Command control, communication computation and Intelligence
C4IR ---- Command Control Communication Computers Intelligence And Recognition
CAC------Chengdu Aircraft corporation
CANDU---CANada Deuterium Uranium
CAP-----Combat air patrol
CAR---------Central Asian Region
CAS----Close air support
CATOBAR-----Catapult Assisted Take-Off But Arrested Recovery
CBG-----Carrier battle group
CBU ---- Cluster Bomb Unit (CF - Cluster ****(to use a cluster bomb)
C-in-C----------Commander in chief
C&C/C2----Comand and Control
CIA----- Central intelligence Agency
CIJWS------Counter insurgency and Jungle warfare school
CIWS----Close in weapon system
CM------Cruise missile
COAS---chief of army staff
COIN-------Counter Insurgency
COMINT----communications intelligence
CPC ---- Communist Party of China
CVRDE-------Combat vehicle research and development establishment
Chopper---Transport helicopters

DAE-----Department of Atomic Energy
DARPA ---- Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (U.S. Military)
DDM-----Desi Dorky Media (for its usual shoddy job of journalism not bearing out of facts)
DF--------Dong Feng(Chinese Ballistic Missile)
DGMF--------Director general of mechanized forces
Div. ---- Division
DPRK-----Democratic Peoples republic of Korea
DPSA----Deep Penetration strike Aircraft
DU--------depleted uranium round
DoD-----Department of defence

ECCM-----Electronic counter counter Measures
ECM------Electronic Counter measures
ELINT------- Electronic Signals Intelligence
EMP------Electro-magnetic pulse
ERA------Expolosion reactive armour
ESSM---Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile
ETA ---- Estimated Time of Arrival
EW-------Electronic warfare

FAB---------Forward air base
F.A.T.A----Federally Administered Tribal Areas(Pakistan)
FBW---------Fly by wire
FBR------Fast Breeder reactor
FCS------Flight control system/Fire control system
FedRes---Federal Reserves
F-INSAS----Future infantry soldier as a system
FLOTUS ---- First Lady of the United States
FOB---------Forward operating base
F.U.B.A.R---F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition

G8---------Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; in addition, the European Union is represented within the G8, but cannot host or chair
GCI-------Ground control intercept
GDP --- Gross Domestic Product
GHQ------general headquarters
GNP ----- Gross National Product
GPS-------Global positioning system
Gen.----- General
GoI ---- Government of India
GoP ----- Government of Pakistan
GSLV ----Geosynchronous satellite Launch Vehicle
GSQR----General Stall Qualitative Requrements
Gunship---Attack helicopters

HC-----Helicopter carriers /High commissioner
HEAT --- High Explosive Anti-Tank warhead
Herc------C 130J hercules Tactical transport.
HMAS ---- Her Majesty's Australian Ship
HMCS ---- Her Majesty's Canadian Ship
HMD--------Helmet mounted display
HOTAS------Hands on throttle and stick
HSTDV ---- Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle
HUD--------Head-up display

IA------Indian army
IAEA----International atomic energy agency
IAF----Indian airforce
IAI----Israeli aircraft industry
IAS----Indian Administartive Service
ICBM----Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICS---- Indian Civil Service
IDP --- Internally Displaced People
IFS --- Indian Forieng Service/Indian Forest Service
IFV --- Infantry Fighting Vehicle
IIRC---- If I remember correctly
IMF-----International Monetary fund
imho---- In my humble opinion
IMO----in my opinion
IMS--- Indian Medical service
IN----Indian navy
Ind/Indo ---- India
INS--------Inertial navigation system/ Indian naval ship
INSAS ------ Indian National Small Arms System/ Indian National Standard Army System
INSAT ---- Indian National Satelite System
IPC----------Indian penal code
IPS---- Indian Police Service/ Indian Political service
IRBM-----Intermediate Range Ballistic missile
IRIAF---Iranian air force
IRS ---- Indian revenue service
ISR-------Information storage and Retrieval
IRST------Infrared search and track
ISAF------International security Assistance Force (Nato forces in Afghanistan)
IsAF---Israeli air force
ISRO ----- Indian Space research Organization
ISS----------International space station

JDAM-----joint direct attack ammunition
JeM------Jaish -e--Mohemmed
JHMCS------Joint helmet mounted cueing system
JSDF----japanese self defence force.
JSTARS---Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

KE------Kinetic energy
KGB----- Komityet Gosudarstvjennoj Biezopasnosti (Russian Abbreviation for Committee for State Security)
KIA ---- Killed In Action

LAC------------Line of actual control
LACM------------Land attack cruise missile
LDP-------Laser designation pod
LEO ---- Low Earth Orbit
LGB------laser guided bomb
LLQRM---Low Level Quick Reaction Missile
LM--------Lockheed-Martin/ Long March(Chinese SLV)
LOAL ---- Lock-on After Launch
LOBL ---- Lock-on Before Launch
LOC------------Line of control
LOL ----- Laugh out Loud/Loser On-Line
LPD-----------Landing platform deck
LRMR-------------Long Range Maritime reconnaissance
LRTR ------ Long Range Tracking Radar
LSA----Logistics supply Agreement
Lightning---F 35
LZ---- Landing Zone

MARCOS-----Marine commandos
MANPADS---Man Portable Air Defense Systems
MBRL----- Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher
MBT ---- Main Battle Tank
ME-------Middle East nations
MFD--------Multi-functional display
MIA ------- Missing in Action
MIRV--------Multiple independent re-entry vehicle
MKI-Modernizirovannyi Kommercheskiy Indiski (Modernized Commercial India)/M-modern-improved, K-export, I-india
MMR ---Multimode radar.
MMRCA----Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft
MNF-I--------Multi-national Force in Iraq
MotM ----- Member of the Month
MRBM----Medium range Balistic missile
MRCA-------Multi-role combat aircraft
MRMR-------------Medium Range Maritime reconnaissance
MTA-----Medium transport aircraft
MTCR---Missile technology control regime
MoD-----Ministry of defence
Mr-SAM---Medium Range Surface to air missile

NAM ---- Non-Aligned Movement or used by Americans to refer to the Vietnam war
NATO----- North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBCW----Nuclear biological and chemical warware
NK------North Korea
NSG----Nuclear suppliers group/ National security Gaurds
NWFP------North-West Frontier Province(Pakistan)

OBE ------ Overcome by Events
OEF-------Operation enduring freedom
OIC------- Organization of Islamic Countries
OLS-------Optical locator System
OOO-----outsmart, outthink and out maneuvre
OPEC---organization of Oil Exporting Countries
OPOBJ------Operational Objective
OPV-----------Off-shore Patrol Vehicle
ORBAT----order of battle
OZ--- - Australian

P5--------US, UK, Russia, France, China
PA------Pakistan Army
PAC ------ Patriot Advanced Capability 1,2 or 3
PAD-------Passive Air Defence/Prithvi Air Defence
PAF----Pakistan Airforce
Pak ---- Pakistan
PAL----Permitted Activation Link
PESA---Passive electronically steered Array
PGM------Precision guided Munitions
PHWR---Pressurized Heavy water reactor
PLA--------Peoples Liberation army (chinese army)
PLAAF------Peoples liberation Air force (chinese air force)
PLAN-------Peoples liberation navy (Chinese navy)
PN----Pakistan navy
PNS ------ Pakistan Navy ship
POTUS ---- President of The United States(commonly used term to address the president by the presidential body guards)
PPP --- Purchasing Power Parity
PRC---Peoples Republic of China
PSLV ----- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
PTFBR-----Prototype Twin Fast Breeder Reactor


RAC-----Russian Aircraft Corporation
RAW----- Research and Analysis Wing
RBI-----Reserve Bank of India
RCS-----------Radar Cross section
R&D-------Research and development
RF-------Radio frequency
RFI------Request for Information
RFP----Request for Proposals
ROC------Republic of China(Taiwan)
ROK----republic of Korea
RPG------------Rocket propelled grenade
RTI------Right to information act
RWR---------Radar warning reciever
Recce---Reconnisance, surveillance

SAM---Surface to air missiles
SAR---------Synthetic aperture radar
SCO ---- Shanghai Cooperation Organization
SEAL ----- Sea ,Air and Land Forces(united States Navy)
SEATO----- South East Asia Treaty Organization
SF-------special forces
SFC---Strategic Forces Command
SHORAD-----Short range air defence
SIGINT-----Signal Intelligence
SK----------South Korea
SLBM----------Submarine launced ballistic missile
SLCM----------Submarine launched cruise missile
SOCOM ----- Special Operations Command(US)
SRBM-------Short Range Ballistic Missile
SSBN---------ship submersible(SS)ballistic missile(B)nuclear powered(N)
SSGN--------ship submersible(SS)guided missile(G)nuclear powered(N)
SSK----------Conventional Submarine
SSN------Submersible Ship Nuclear (Nuclear attack submarine)
STOBAR------Short take off but arrested recovery
Sbug-----Super Hornet
Spec. Ops-----sepecial operations
Spooky----Ac 130 Gunship

taliban---- great unwashed.or talibunny
Td----Technology demonstrator
THAAD----Theater High Altitude AIR defence
TTYL----Talk to you later
TVC---------Thrust vector control
TWR---------Thrust to weight ratio

UAV--------Unmanned Ariel vehicle
UCAV-------Unmanned combat Ariel vehicle
UGV------Unmanned Ground Vehicle
ULFA----United Liberation front of Assam
UN----United Nations
USS----United States Ship
Uncle Sam---America

VLS-----------vertical launching system
V/STOL------Vertical and/or Short take-off and landing
VW------Viral weaponry

WB----World Bank
WIA ---- Wounded In Action
WMD-----Weapon of mass destruction
WTO------World Trade organisation



Z ---- Zulu time/Zulu hours
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