Crack found in hull of submarine SSN Toledo[ USN]


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Mar 21, 2009
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Crack found in hull of submarine Toledo

Sailors discovered a crack in the attack submarine Toledo prior to the boat getting underway in Connecticut, which will likely lead to inspections of other submarines, according to a Navy spokesman.

Crew members last Friday discovered a 21-inch crack in the topside hull, as well as a corresponding one-inch crack in the pressure hull that would have leaked water if the ship was submerged, the spokesman said.

“The submarine was pierside in New London,” said Lt. Patrick Evans, spokesman for Submarine Group 2. “The Navy is conducting additional tests to determine the extent of the crack and the proper procedures to repair it.”

The width and location of the crack were not yet available.

“After a cause is determined, other submarines will conduct similar inspections,” he said.

Because of the one-inch crack in the pressure hull, “water would have entered Toledo if submerged,” Evans said.

He said the cracks were found prior to getting underway for local operations.

Toledo is assigned to Submarine Development Squadron 12 and was built at Newport News Shipbuilding and commissioned in 1995.

In 2007, Toledo was one of several Navy ships needing close re-inspections after faulty welds were discovered on non-nuclear internal piping in new Virginia-class submarines.

It is not clear if the recently discovered cracks on Toledo are connected to the problems discovered in 2007.

Other Los Angeles-class subs that needed weld re-inspection were the Oklahoma City and Newport News.

As of late May, an investigation by Naval Sea Systems Command into the faulty welds was not concluded.

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