Collection of instances of Vaccine hesitancy promoted by Indian MSM & SM


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Jun 20, 2020
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Fucking shit, this prashant bhushan guy is total mental, dude was openly pushing propaganda, twisting facts against Covaxing, Covidshield, government funding the vaccine manufacturers, he even went on to say that since China without vaccine had no cases then why India needs it? Openly and repeatedly highlighting and exaggerating one or two incidents, opinion pieces or at one time, literally using saket gookhale as a source against BB.

My network is shit right now, so I am linking most of his tweets pushing outright propaganda and agenda on twitter, how is this guy not banned yet?

Someone who can, please archive all of these links. Also, take ss and add here. I have already taken ss but right now I am out of town and network is shit so can't upload them.
Finally got my internet back, here I am adding screenshots of around 33 instances when Prashant Bhushan tried to either quote studies out of context or outright pushed anti - Covaxin agenda or vaccine in general agenda. Links are in the above comments, here are the screenshots.

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