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Apr 25, 2020
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looks like the Chinese moon rocket is coming.
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The "921 rocket", also known as the Long March 5DY is under development for crewed lunar missions. The nickname "921" refers to the founding date of China's human spaceflight program. Like the Long March 5, it uses 5-meter (16.4 ft) diameter rocket bodies and YF-100K engines, although with 7 engines on each of 3 cores. The launch weight is about 2200 tonnes, delivering 25 tonnes into trans-lunar injection.The proposed crewed lunar mission uses two rockets; the crewed spacecraft and lunar landing stack launch separately and rendezvous in lunar orbit. Development was announced at the 2020 China Space Conference. The first flight of this triple-cored rocket is targeted for 2026.
1st stage: 7 YF-100K
2nd stage: 2 YF-100M
3rd stage: 3 YF-75E
LTO: 27 ton
LEO: 70 ton
Targeting ~2030 for human landing on the moon with 2 launches
Stay tuned.
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