Can alternate energy power Europe by 2050?


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Jan 7, 2010
Yes says a study conducted by the Germany Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation & Nuclear Safety. According to reports published by them the right combination of the locally available renewable energy resources, along with imports of solar energy from Middle East & North Africa, will be able to power Europe by 2050.

The studies conducted by ‘Trans- Mediterranean Interconnection for Concentrating Solar Power’ analyzed almost 30 European countries, and could find a connection between the electric grids of Europe, Middle East & North Africa.

The study report says that a right combination of renewable energy resources, along with the support of fossil fuels, will be able to provide electricity for Europe by 2050.

On-going researches are bringing out similar solutions to defend global warming and climatic changes that affect humanity. Many energy research firms are conducting studies on renewable energy options to replace fossil fuels. Energy research is often related to the development and proper exploitation of both traditional and newly found energy resources. It also includes energy conservation and management.

The energy research companies closely follow energy market trends and world energy needs to find out solutions to solve world’s energy problems. One among such energy research companies is World energy research, based in New Zealand. Such firms focus their attention on the major issues arising in energy resource usage, and utilize their research to find out better energy resources. So let’s hope that the ongoing researches would bring similar solutions to solve the energy problems of other areas too.

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