Brazil wants Indian satellites to monitor Amazon


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Aug 20, 2010
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Brazil wants Indian satellites to monitor Amazon |

Brazil is negotiating to use satellites from India to improve the monitoring of deforestation in the Amazon rain forest.

A member of Brazil's National Institute for Space Research says a satellite recently launched by the Indian government could vastly increase Brazil's ability to combat deforestation in the region.

Luis Maurano says the IRS-6 satellite would allow authorities to locate deforested areas much faster than with the satellites currently used.

Maurano said Tuesday that the negotiation with India is complicated but was confident an agreement could be reached.

If not, Brazil will have to wait until the launch of a satellite in partnership with China at the end of 2012.


Don't see why this should be complicated. This is ONE place where we can beat the Reds in their race to monopolize Asia. We should not waste this opportunity.

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