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Folks , below are a few objectives that i woulld like to see the ministries Defence and MEA take up and push hard with the newly inaugurated Trump administration

1 To lobby and work with the United States regarding the area of the South China Sea

1.1 to Highlight and keep emphasizing the great importance of the South China Sea area not just the resources, the huge amounts of petroleum that are there but also that the petroleum
elsewhere in the world will be exhausted while that in the South China Sea continue for a very long time after the others have been exhausted cpcchina will have the
advantage of free acess to very cheap petroleum and very easily accessible whicle the rest of the world including the usa will be denied such advantage

1.2 secondly should there be any attempt by china to cause a choking of the shipping lanes the whole world and primarily the United States woul.d suffer tremendously

1.3 prestige of usa wiil suffer tremendously if it does not stand up to ccphina ....the asean countries especiallly will have to tilt toward ccpchina if the usa fails to at strongly and
decidedly ..... there is another matter regarding the asean countries , ...... they represent the region which will alter the balance between preference for the usa or china to lead the
world ....the aseasns are the fastest growing region of nations in terms of personal prosperity , literacy and medical care to reach a level almost comparable with the lesser nations of europe , i.e. the aseans are the next region to demand consumer products on a large scale being now newly able to afford them .....will these products be supplied by the usa or china ? and so will the profits go to usa or china thus fuelling and strengthening the respective
economies ? so if the usa loses out in control and prestige , it would be a stunning blow to their ability to lead and influence the globe , they would efffencitvely have been edged out by china ..... is Donald Trump going to allow that to happen on his watch ( even though the ground work for all this happened before his time ) ?

1.4 Just as India has to prepare for two fronts china pak, now china too has to prepare for two fronts, that is with usa in SCS and wit india in the kashmir area and arunachal as
well now they hae to give resoures to pakistan besides having to match usa in the SCS area ......they are going to have a taste of their own medicine but only if usa seriously
begins to buildup the fleet in the scs are near taiwan and above

1.5 This also has the advantage of putting pressure on the South China Sea area while taking off the pressure off the CPEC and Baluchistan areas so India will be more free to work in those areas and get their program and agenda done on that side of the world it will put pressure on the SCS side while taking pressure off the Arabian Sea area forcing
cpcchina to spend huge resources to defend the SCS area

2. Former Pakistan army chief Raheel Sharif to lead 'Muslim Nato'

Based on the above, we have tghe concept of a mslim nato given raheel sharifs appointment to the United Islamic Armed FOrces ( UNIF, henceforth )

this in effect is a resurretion of the Islamic Caliphate or Khalifa whcih the british and allies fought so hard just "recently" in 1924 to dismember and now we see the concept and reality taking shape yet again we need to highlight this matter to the Trump administration
for the to realise that it is indeed a very major issue for all the reasons the Khalifa was originally dismembered in the first place

Secondly, regards hight tech arms and weapons of destruction, we can envisage a supply chain where China or the usa gives arms to paksitan for certain specific purposes, but these instaead find their way to the arsenals of the UNIF.

im inviting members to add to this list, giving full reasons for their inclusion ....let's hope the MEA and Min Def pay some attention to the ideas that we have given time and energy to .

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