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Jul 21, 2010
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Siddharth plays a doctor named Krish who inserts electrodes in the brain to cure parkinsonism . He and Lakshmi ( Andrea Jeremiah ) are a happy couple who live in the high snowcapped mountains . The house next door has been lying empty , but soon new neighbours move in . The family has two daughters , younger Sarah and older Jenny ( Anisha Victor ) . Their father is Paul ( Atul Kulkarni ) . Jenny develops a crush on Krish which he takes sportingly , though it irritates his wife Lakshmi .

But soon strange things begin to happen to Jenny ; she jumps into a well and has to be saved by Krish . She walks to the edge of a cliff , but does not jump off . Soon she acts possessed and the doctor Suresh who is called to treat her insists on an exorcism . The exorcism scene in which the pastor ( Prakash Belavadi ) tries to remove the spirit from Jenny is probably the best pictured exorcism I have seen in a movie , outclassing even the exorcism scenes of Hollywood movies . The bodies of some the protagonists are thrown off in different directions , some hang in the air and even the crucifix turns upside down and so does the pastor .

Soon a psychic ( Avinash Raghudevan ) is called and he announces that three malevolent spirits reside in that house . Research by a police inspector reveals about a chinese family that resided in that house log ago , and a sole eyewitness to the terrible happenings long ago still alive . The eyewitness tells about the chinese man who wanted to sacrifice a girl child in order to beget a son , and was forced to kill his own daughter . Unable to bear the shock , his wife killed herself and the chinese man committed suicide by jumping into the well . It is their spirits who are haunting the house . Everyone has to abandon the house if they have to free themselves from the malignant influence . But the spirit of the chinese man will come to complete the ritual he could not complete on that day itself as it is day of the solar eclipse .

But unknown to everyone , the spirit of the chinese man has already entered the body of one of the people among the protagonists . Who is that person ? What will that person do to stop them from leaving the house ? What gruesome things are going to happen in the house ? Watch the movie for the answers .

The photography is the movie is good , of the high mountains capped with snow and lush with greenery but also of the stupendous exorcism scene and the solar eclipse . The chills and jolts come at the right places in the movie , making your hair stand on end . Background music is good and helps in the shock value of the chilling scenes by making the right noises when the jolts come . Acting is good by everyone , especially by Anisha Victor as Jenny .

Verdict---Good .

Three and a half stars out of five .
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