Arieal Warfare

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Mar 24, 2009
In today era, the air-force of a country heavily influences the outcome of the war. For this purpose i have opened a topic to discuss about arieal warfare. Feel free voice your view.
Terms used
(1) Total Air-Dominance :- This term states that a country/combat side has total control over an area air space and their are no arieal or ground(anti-air) hostile left.
(2) Air-Dominance :- This term state that a country/combat side is dominating the air space and only the hostile(anti-air) remain in term of soilders carring MANPADS.
(3) Air-Superiority :- This term states that a country/combat side say 'A' has a upper hand(due to various condition) in arieal combat against another country/combat side say 'B' but country/side 'B' is still able to use use its aircraft in an offencive manner against country/side 'A' but in limited ammount i.e. not in an optimum manner. The threat to side/country 'A' is mainly in forms of ground based air defence system.
(4) Air-Denial :- This term states that a country say 'A' is unable to achieve aerial superiority over an area at the same time doesnot allow another country say 'B' to attain aerial superiority over that particular area. Offensive tatics are used in a very limited manner.
(5) Condition Zero :- This term states that both countries/combact sides are using several tatics to gain upper hand but both sides/countries don't yet have upper hand.

Any type of Cruise Missile, UAV, UACV and aircraft can be considered.
Other resource are in terms of SAM, ground based guns, MANPADS, satellite, radars, etc.

We take two combating sides/countries and discuss how they may achieve one of the above stated level of air space control. A brief description of both sides, their resources and area in which they would fight is also expected.

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