Amazing! DFI now available with I-phone connectivity


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Feb 16, 2009
DFI members using the popular I phone brand to browse the forum now has amazing feature and connectivity read this thread how!

This means faster access for those users since it only downloads the actual forum information rather than all the extraneous images that slow down the mobile connection users running Forum Runner will only be able to see the same forums and threads as they could using a regular browser.

Forum Runner Feature List
Browse your favorite forums in an easy-to-use-interface with multiple notification types (private message, subscription, etc)
Fully customizable home screen with your favorite forums
PUSH NOTIFICATION SUPPORT FOR iPHONE/VBULLETIN : Get private message and subscribed thread updates from your favorite forums in the background!
Poll updates (private messages/subscriptions) from favorites on home screen - shows you a summary of which forums you have new messages or subscriptions on!
Image attachment thumbnail and full size viewing from threads
View a thread's image attachments in one convenient screen (much like the native iPhone "Photo" app)
Save thread images to your iPhone/iPod touch library
Fully search-able forums!
View embedded links without leaving the app, including YouTube videos
Supports portrait AND landscape mode
Full posting options (quote posts, start new thread, etc)
Attach unlimited photos from your library (or take a photo from the camera and attach it)
Full support for private messages and private message folders
Full support for thread subscriptions - track your favorite threads and be updated via push when they have new posts!

There is a Free version available in the App Store as well which allows your users to try out Forum Runner

screenshots have a look at the feel

How can I get the Forum Runner iPhone Client?

Either search "Forum Runner" in the App Store on your iPhone, or click one of the links below:

so members using iphone go try this out with the free sample and tell us the feedback and how do you feel the dfi service will begin in next 24-48 hours
now you have yet another reason to buy an I-phone


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Feb 21, 2009
This is one Feature which will be a blessing for many! Many Iphone users are forum freaks, and this will be a boon for them :) God Speed


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Apr 5, 2009
I'm waiting for the DFI on Forum runner. Will give feed back once DFI is on Forum Runner.

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