Xi Jinping hopes traditional faiths can fill moral void in China

Discussion in 'China' started by W.G.Ewald, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Xi Jinping hopes traditional faiths can fill moral void in China: sources | Reuters
    Of course it is a cynical move when communist "gets religion."
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    The Party is responsible for creating such situation not because of open up policy but has been telling the youngster to betray the family, distrust the traditional value and culture and only to embrace the Communist. This younger generation considers nothing but fortune. And that is why I believe China could never overtake other country other than economy in future unless the political system is changed.
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    The problem is far more complicated than you think. It is not a problem of the party, but how China as a country to re-build itself since 1840. When Chinese army was wiped out by foreigners who equiped with modern weapons, Chinese realised the importance of modern industries. But traditonal culture imposed a lot negative effects on industrilization, so there were lots of people advocating the abandonment of tradition culture including language even in 1919.

    After 1949, when Chinese really kick of their industrilization, this advocation specified on Confucian, which was believed to be the biggiest obstacle of modernization (at the time, this means communisem). Only in this period, the party played a major role in this problem.

    After 1978, things changed again. people, especially youth was facinated by western style of life. Everything, from confucian to communisem, was regarded as the stones in the way to modernization which means westernization or capitalisem. The young generation instead of the party plays a major role since then.

    So, basically, the chinese attitude towards tradtional faiths has been changed with China's industrilization.

    What kind of brilliant culture did British have before industrilization?
    What cultural influence did American have before 1910?
    When you have the strongest economy, you will have your dominance in other sections later.

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