Worried over weight, lecturer hangs self

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    Worried over weight, lecturer hangs self - The Times of India

    COIMBATORE: A 24-year-old woman lecturer with a leading engineering college in the city has committed suicide, depressed over her inability to lose weight. She resorted to this extreme step after several efforts to lose weight proved in vain.

    The deceased has been identified as S Karthika of Annapoorna layout in New Siddhapudur, a lecturer with Karpagam Engineering College. According to police, she committed suicide by hanging at her house two days ago. Relatives were able to ascertain the reason for suicide from a note she left behind.

    Her mother, A Saraswathi (44) told police that her daughter often skipped breakfast and dinner, eating a bare minimum for lunch. She avoided junk food, especially those that were oily. Karthika also exercised regularly. But despite all her efforts, she could not lose weight.

    After completing her Master's degree in engineering, she began working as a lecturer in Karpagam Engineering College. She lived with her mother who had separated from her husband Selvaraj. On June 13 Karthika did not go to work, telling her mother that the college was closed.

    Around 3.30 pm, Saraswathi had gone to the bank to open an account. While she was at the bank, her neighbour Abitha informed her over phone that Karthika's friends had come to visit but found the house locked from the inside. They hollered for her but she did not open the door. When Saraswathi called home, Karthika did not pick up the phone. Worried, she asked Abitha to forcibly open the door. When the neighbours eventually entered the house, they found Karthika hanging. She was rushed to the hospital where she was declared bought dead.

    Saraswathi told the police that her daughter used to go to the college at 7.30 am and return home at 6.30 pm. She did not like her appearance and tried her best to lose weight.

    Race course police have registered a case under section 174 CrPC and an investigation is on. The police have recovered a suicide note from the house which stated that no one was responsible for her death.

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    Being overweight need not be because of over eating.

    There is also a problem that is caused by metabolic imbalances.

    Exercise and long walks are a good way to reduce.

    A very sad thing to have happened!

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