Will India join strategic containment of China?

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    Will India join strategic containment of China?

    China and India will hold the first joint military drill since the past five years.

    All of the observers knew that the symbolic meaning of the military drill is more far-reaching than the actual meaning. However, in the face of the lobbying of Japan and the United States in New Delhi, India's unexpected action and the military interaction with China sparked discussions of the public. What is the China policy of India, the emerging arms buyer of the United States, the key chain of Japan's "Arc of Freedom and Prosperity" and the largest territorial dispute object of China? Will it be on the same side with Japan and the United States, or sincerely tolerate the simultaneous rise of China and India?

    Regarding the China-India relations, many Chinese media organizations are very interested in the question- Will India be courted or forced by the United States and Japan to join them to contain China? In fact, it is likely to be a false proposition.

    As a major regional and even world power full of sense of pride, India has an independent foreign policy. It never thinks itself the client state of other countries. Instead, it has always been proud of its independent foreign policy.

    India had taken the "Arc of Freedom and Prosperity" proposed by former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso in a detached way, neither opposing nor supporting it. The reason is very simple: India did not agree with the foreign strategy of Taro Aso and was reluctant to be a stepping stone of Japan. Therefore, the diplomatic strategy of Shinzo Abe certainly will not reach a result much better than that of Taro Aso who visited India five years ago.

    Although India will not be a client state of other countries and go against China, it does not mean that India has a friendly and constructive policy toward China. India also has a good reason to adopt the policy of containing China. There are considerable structural disputes between China and India on safety including the territorial disputes, the issues of Tibet, Pakistan and Indian Ocean and even the difference about the adjustment of the world political and economic order. These disputes cannot be solved fundamentally through a slight friendliness and interaction in diplomatic or military circles.

    After all, India decides the policy toward China for itself. It will neither go against China under the instigation of other countries nor intentionally avoid going against China for not being criticized for lack of independence.

    China should know where the crux of China-India relationship is, and realize that it is the core issue of China and India and is irrelevant to other countries. Only when the both sides have a full understanding of each other, China and India can go beyond the symbolic meaning and improve the bilateral relations.
    Will India join strategic containment of China? - People's Daily Online
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    Great games are played using others and offering something that others need as well. Sadly in this whole "independent" foreign policy, larger strategic goals are compromised. India first needs to formulate a China policy. Esp with regards to its border. Second, it needs to have more thinkers on China. One thing that is apparent from Chinas power projection is that it will start to claim anything as its own if there are resources or strategic gateways to be won. It's not going to be peaceful. How will India reconcile that? I don't think India can keep looking at trying to maintain and not antagonize China posture for too long. See how the Japanese have pissed off China no end whih coupled with US backing went complaining that the US back stabbed. So I really don't think India should even appear to have any semblance of timidity in front of China. An alliance with any country does not mean our independent foreign policy is hurt. A defensive treaty purely to protect each other from Chinese aggression will not be bad. We don't need a NATO like ones where intervention is called upon.
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    India needs friends in ASEAN and outside and not alliances. A good strategic relation between Japan, Australia and India would be needed to deter china from persueing her impeialistc advancements and hegemonistic designs over her neighbours.

    India has to ensure that any misadventure understaken by China against India is cost prohibitive as also punitive. Dettrence must be complete and effective and not merely nuclear. There should be no gaps in other capabilities.

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