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    This thread is dedicated to Famous weapons (both real or fictional) in Video games.You can post various information,images,Videos etc. related to it.
    I'll start the thread with this Amazing video game named World of Guns:Guns Disassembly (Steam Version) or its sibling game Gun Disassembly 2 (Android/IOS version).



    both games are developed by Noble Empire Ltd. and although Steam version is Free to Play,My recommendation is Wait for Steam sales and purchase "Guns Full Access" to unlock all current + upcoming weapons.

    Features of the Game
    You 'play' this game by disassembling (and reassembling) the guns in shortest amount of time for high scores.
    -You can operate the guns in "Operation" mode in which you can watch operation of weapons in various angles,in slow-motion and even under X-ray.You can attach various attachments (e.g. Suppressors,bayonets etc.) to the guns and after taking the gun apart you can observe various parts of it for better understanding of its operation.
    -In Steam version of game,There's another mode called "shooting range" where you shoots targets with your guns like any shooting range and collects points.

    This game is so much fun for any weapon enthusiast.Although the steam version is free to play,you have to rank yourself up by playing game from beginning to unlock guns if you don't want to pay for "Guns Full Access".

    There're about 130+ guns available (and the developers are adding more weapons in updates).

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