Wargames fine but no more: India to US

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    NEW DELHI: Even as Indian and US warships kicked off their Malabar combat exercise in the west Pacific on Saturday, in yet another indicator of their ever-expanding defence ties, New Delhi continues to stonewall Washington's persistent attempts to get it to ink "foundational'' military agreements as well as join the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI).

    There was "simply no headway'' on these agreements both in the discussions held during defence minister A K Antony's visit to US last September as well as the 11th Indo-US Defence Policy Group (DPG) meeting held in Washington last month, say officials.

    The UPA government, with an eye also on domestic political sensitivities, remains largely unconvinced about the "utility and benefits'' of the Logistics Support Agreement (LSA), Communication Interoperability and Security Memorandum Agreement (CISMOA) and Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-Spatial Cooperation.

    The latest tranche of US embassy cables, made public by WikiLeaks, in fact, also show how an anxious Washington over the last several years has tried to push these agreements but failed to get anywhere. This despite LSA being touted as a mutually beneficial and cost-effective arrangement to provide logistical support for each other's armed forces, with CISMOA and BECA serving as "sensitive technology'' enablers.

    But Indian armed forces, with Antony himself leading from the front, do not want to be "tied down to only one (US) system''.

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