Vladimir Putin 'virgin' voter advert becomes online hit

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    Vladimir Putin 'virgin' voter advert becomes online hit

    Красотка гадает на первый раз

    A rather peculiar campaign advert encouraging first time voters in Russia to support Vladimir Putin has become a viral hit.

    10:50PM GMT 28 Feb 2012 | Telegraph UK

    The slickly produced advert, which has picked up over 200,000 views on YouTube, sees a young Russian female visit a fortuneteller who predicts her future using tarot cards.

    Asking after her "destiny", the young woman is informed by the mystic that her "first time" will be with the presidential candidate as a turn of the card reveals Mr Putin himself.

    Complete with romantic music, the scene then cuts to the same young woman entering a polling station before the advert, seemingly aimed at first time voters ahead of the presidential election on March 4, ends with the message "Putin. Only for love the first time".

    Source: Video: Vladimir Putin 'virgin' voter advert becomes online hit - Telegraph
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    Putin is a role model for us all. Very popular with the girls :becky:

    PS: Haawt girl.... :drool:

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