Vijay Sakhuja on China's New SSBN 096 Tang

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    artist's impression on 096 SSBN submarine, can't be true.
    Mock-up of 096? More look like it?

    There are reports that design of the Type 096 Tang-class boat has already commenced several years ago. According to one report, images of an unknown SSBN mockup with 24 missile tubes were aired on China Central Television in 2008.21/22 In early 2010, Vijay Sakhuja, the Director of Research at the Indian Council of World Affairs and a former Indian naval officer, wrote with confidence: “China is engaged in the development of the next-generation Type 096 submarine, supposedly similar to the 094 Jin-class models, which may possess capabilities to launch missile from under the [Arctic] ice cap. In July 2009, one Chinese blogger with a current or former affiliation with the PLAN described the design specifications of the Type 096 and speculated that the new platform will include “noise reduction devices” making it quieter than the Type 094 Jin-class SSBN.
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