U.S. Air Force gearing up for the largest B-1 bomber modification

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    U.S. Air Force gearing up for the largest B-1 bomber modification in program history

    The U.S. Air Force is about to furtherly upgrade its fleet of B-1B Lancer bombers.

    With what the service announces as“the largest B-1 modification in program history” the supersonic swing-wing bomber will get several improvements as part of the Integrated Battle Station and Sustainment-Block 16 (SB-16) upgrade aimed to provide B-1 aircrews with a higher level of situational awareness and a faster, secure digital communication link.


    SB-16, includes a Vertical Situation Display Upgrade in the cockpit that will replace the two monochrome pilot and co-pilot displays with four color MFDs (Multi Function Display); a Fully Integrated Data Link and a Central Integrated Test System (used to detect and troubleshoot anomalies) in the aft station; a new avionics featuring moving maps and more user friendly symbology, navigation and radar upgrades.

    The aircraft will be upgraded to such an extent B-1 aircrew will need to treat a modified B-1 like a brand new aircraft.

    These modifications fall under the Integrated Battle Station initiative, which will be implemented by 2019.

    Developmental testing is scheduled to begin in April at Edwards AFB, California, while the 337th TES (Test and Evaluation Squadron) at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, that will conduct operational testing validating tactics needed to exploit new equipment and software is expecting its first fully modified B-1 later this year.

    “The IBS/SB-16 upgrade to the B-1 enhances the ability of this amazing aircraft to integrate and operate with the most advanced air, sea, land and cyber platforms of our military forces,” said Lt. Col. George Holland, 337th TES commander.

    “Whether providing air support over ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan or shifting focus to support maritime operations in the Pacific, the IBS upgrade to the B-1 provides more capability to the quiver of our combatant commanders.

    The Aviationist » U.S. Air Force gearing up for the largest B-1 bomber modification in program history
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    US has spent over 2 billon on this system, for example it would allow aircraft to fight in the area of an aircraft carrier with out the fear of being shot down by friendly fire. If a plane come in to contact with the enemy it would allow the fireing of crusise missles at the target. The B1 is mainly a bomb truck, mainly it can carry almost 500 GBU 39 smart glide bombs, capable of taking out with pinpoint percison targets from 40 or 50 miles away.....For example lets say an enemy has 5000 tanks spread over a county parked at night,, ten B1s could fly over and THEORETICALLY take out every tank.
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    Theory and practice are two different things, and two different things are bombing caveman and fighting with a country that have well trained and well equiped army. Overconfidence and lack of understanding reality leads to being defeat, good that US Armed Forces are not commanded by people like you.

    As for this upgrade, a nececary and good initiative.
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