The Wodehouse eBook Thread - Calling Sob, Ray, Ewald and others

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    Englands only real contribution to mankind (other than cricket to a smaller extent) - P.G. Wodehouse.

    And thankfully his books are past royalty and are freely downloadable and legal to distribute. Here is my collection for anyone interested. 35 of Wodehouse's best.

    Link to Download ---

    A Damsel in Distress
    A Man of Means
    A Prefect's Uncle
    A Wodehouse Miscellany
    Death at the Excelsior
    Indiscretions of Archie
    Jill the Reckless
    Love Among the Chickens
    My Man Jeeves
    Not George Washington
    Piccadilly Jim
    Psmith in the City
    Psmith, Journalist
    Right Ho, Jeeves
    Something Fresh
    Tales of St. Austin's
    The Adventures of Sally
    The Clicking of Cuthbert
    The Coming of Bill
    The Gem Collector
    The Girl on the Boat
    The Gold Bat
    The Head of Kays
    The Intrusion of Jimmy
    The Little Nugget
    The Man Upstairs
    The Man with Two Left Feet
    The Politeness of Princes
    The Pothunters
    The Prince and Betty
    The Swoop
    The White Feather
    Uneasy Money
    William Tell Told Again

    Enjoy and distribute. :)
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