THE ORIGINS OF AIDS - very important

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    In a rush to be the first with the polio vaccine , Scientist and Pharmaceutical Companies cut corners and may have inadvertently caused the AIDS virus in the Congo! Once again profit margin (greed) leads to the death of millions! for education , discussion , and fair practice purposes

    Texts and documents about this issue: http://
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    This should put the origin of HIV virus based on genetic clock to around 1910-1920. Where these profit hungry parmaceutical companies already abusing African population as cheap human guinea pigs for their drug tests as early as that time? If so the maybe there's meat to the sensational claim above.

    But there is a consensus that a great deal of blame for the spread of HIV virus in humans is due to the tremendous growth of prostitution during the colonial times in Africa. This in turn can be traced to the Europeans. (I know this would be music to the ears of our friend here.) :thumb:

    And the earliest scientifically studied HIV human infection is:

    And talking about meat, it is believed that HIV-1 is a mutation of a strain of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) found in Chimpazees in Africa. These chimps often end up in the table of people on that region.

    Chimpanzee Reservoirs of Pandemic and Nonpandemic HIV-1

    Lesson? Widen up your knowledge by reading more materials. This kind of sensational claims, obviously anti-big business, or any sensational claim for that matter should always be taken with a grain of salt. :cool2:
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