The alliance between White Nationalists and Indians over Islamophobia

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by tamilandhindu, Mar 16, 2019.

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    I thought we'd use the attention being given to the Islamophobia of White Nationalists to discuss the stronger links being created between Indians and White Nationalists.

    Indians have been part of the European right-wing in the years following 9/11, and recently they seem to have caught up with the US right-wing too. I presume that both Canada and Australia are somewhere in between.

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    Whoever thought of this as a rational and viable option is the biggest idiot in my view. The one thing that certain sections of Hindu nationalists don't understand is that the white nationalists in general do not see us different from Muslims.

    Pick any one of these idiots and ask them to tell the difference; they'll be gawking at you and then hurl something harmful on your face.

    White nationalists have only one image: brown skin = Muslim/Jew and yellowish skin = pesky inferior east Asian.

    They are no different than Islamist lunatics who are killing everyone around the world including their own.

    Sure there are some European nationalists who are more supportive towards the cultural preservation of European countries in general and they have no bone against Indians of Hindus, Sikh or Buddhist or Jain faith as these people generally accommodate to the national laws and are valuable to their economies through job or talent creation.

    They in fact, find a common ground with these people and often support them against any Pakistani/islamist protests in their countries.

    But this is a small and newly emergent class compared to the white nationalists.

    White nationalists are just useless hate-mongers who have no sense of right or wrong. You could be a criminal from some corner of a white country and you would be superior to a saint who is brown skinned.

    So as someone who has traveled extensively around the world, including those in white countries, I am telling you to not even remotely equate White nationalists with Cultural nationalists of western world.

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    Reality of Islamophobia.... [​IMG]
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    This narrative of alliance between white nationalist and hindutva is exaggerated at most ,white nationalist are not even a political force to given any importance at all ,they are highly unorganized, reactionary, infighting and defections to the adversary is a routine, there was bizarre situation few weeks back when black man was made head of neo nazi group ,so you get that these white nationalist aren't very bright bunch , but we need to look at a bigger picture ,the jihad in kashmir has many allies in pakistan ,saudi arabia,uae,turkey, Azerbaijan, we need more allies even if they are racists

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