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    Moved to Reutlingen six months, a typical German town, rich but not publicized, quiet yet details. Every morning at 7 for a cleaning streets drive, Mercedes-Benz buses almost perfectness reach each site. But in this quiet European town feel that the lack of something, I especially miss two years ago in the India times, the most sincere belief brings touches, the most simple sincere happiness, colorful, time flies never fade.

    Color because of you by

    Some people say that God is not spilled paint tray, the colorful India. Indeed, there is no trip to India is unable to imagine where the color. India men's shirt is generally dominated by white, known locally as " Gulda" ( Kurta ), but the women of India will be completely color to play to the extreme, chic Sari ( Sari ) a riot of colours, gorgeous and bold. Sari is embroidered with every kind of pattern, walk in the streets of India, you will suddenly realize that depict color words for India is not used.

    India food

    Before going to India, never eaten India food, can't imagine to India food could be so let your taste buds. India food is spicy, but with the Sichuan spicy, spicy completely different. India cooking like in food add curry, black pepper, cinnamon, fennel and other spices, rich flavor, lead a person to endless aftertastes. Eat with hands is one of India's customs, I asked the local people of India is what reason, they gave me two answers; one is because of food respect, there is a saying that locals, his hands than any tableware tableware is clean, because the others give you, and the hand is own, be worth to trust most. If it had a wedding or traditional festivals, people also put the food in the plantain leaves you.

    Ancient custom and human feelings

    The four great ancient civilizations of India, has a long history, natural also inherited a variety of custom. India today still follow the" parents, the words of a match-maker" tradition, most Indian marriages are still arranged by parents and family, religion and caste is still very important factor. But it is worth thinking is, India is the world's divorce rate is one of the smallest countries, traditional marriage seems to have a sense of right and firm.

    In addition the Indians on the use of his hands is also very particular about. Has already mentioned, India locals are directly using the right hand to eat, more interestingly, most Indians are not using the toilet paper, they will throw in the later with his left hand and wash, so in India, when you give something to someone else to use his right hand to show respect.

    The Indians are good at singing and dancing, is also very keen on with the dance of this art form to convey all kinds of feelings. In India I met many foreign students come to India to learn dance, and even to India specializing in dance professional doctorate students. Make people feel very distinctive is, India film or TV play, no matter what kind of subject matter, almost contains dance section, plot to half, the actors began now singing, now dancing. Dance in India is not a separate art forms, people also like the song and dance to express ideas, very unique.

    Taj Mahal

    Tagore once said," Taj Mahal is the eternal cheek a tear". As one of the eight wonders of the world Taj Mahal tells a tragic love story. The fifth generation Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his deceased queen a Ji Man bar slaves built Taj Mahal. In 1631, a Ji Man bar slavery in Shah Jia Hannan syndrome, died of dystocia due to. Her death made of Shah Jahan's sad and desperate, so he determined to own love Princess built the most beautiful cemetery. The white marble of the ornament of the miracles, flawless, crystal clear. Came to the hills, can see a Ji Man bar slavery from Persian this beautiful woman, can also feel the Muslim architecture unique holy and sacred. A king in a very unique way, telling the lover eternal yearning, even hundreds of years later, when you see the Taj Mahal, the deepest beautiful love is still clearly visible, touch the heart, witness the vow of love.

    I returned to China, there are many friends asked me in India what. I always tell them, such as v. a staggered, phantom. India gave me too much shock and moving, make me so mad, unforgettable, dream. This ancient country in the most unique way to talk too much of the story, a mysterious but sincere, messy and holiness, not be flashy without substance in the body, but with the most gorgeous color carved out deep clear map volume
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    Thats unnecessary and a bad attempt to describe a foreign country. There are also many millionaires and high class people in India.

    Do i have to call Godless-Kafir?. :laugh:
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    Over all a GOOD ARTICLE.........
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    The writer has observed India at a very close range and has registered all the flavours that our beloved country has to offer.
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    For a foreigner, a good attempt.

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