Stop sending terrorists, will pull back guns: India to Pak

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    India will consider the Pakistani proposal to withdraw heavy artilleries from the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir, only if Pakistan stops cross-border infiltration bids.

    The Pakistani proposal to pull back artillery pieces of above 120 mm calibre by 30 km from the LoC and the Indian response came during the two-day Indo-Pakistan conventional and nuclear CBMs dialogue that began in Islamabad on Monday.
    Government sources said the Pakistani side, led by Munawar Saeed Bhatti, additional secretary in the foreign ministry, made the proposal to his Indian counterpart, Yash Sinha, to strengthen the 2003 ceasefire agreement.

    But the Indian concern is if it pulls back its 130-mm and 155-mm Bofors artillery guns by 30 km, it will not be able to target the terrorist launch-pads across the LoC in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, as the field guns have a maximum range of 27-28 km with normal-range shells.

    The artilleries also act as a deterrent against any Pakistani army adventure.

    During discussions with joint secretary DB Venkatesh Varma on nuclear CBMs, Bhatti expressed concern over the threat posed by India's nuclear and conventional arsenal to Pakistani capital Islamabad and indicated that there should be a broad parity in nuclear deterrence.

    But New Delhi stuck to the position that its military and nuclear posture was aimed at countering threats, not only from South Asia but also beyond -- especially China.

    Besides, it said the linkages between Pakistan and China through PoK meant that India had to be prepared for the two-front situation.

    The two sides, however, extended two key agreements on the notification of ballistic missiles testing and reducing the risk of accidents related to nuclear weapons by five years.

    Stop sending terrorists, will pull back guns: India to Pak - Hindustan Times
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    In short, exactly what everyone on DFI was saying on that other thread.

    Stop sending terrorists, then we will talk peace.
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    But according to some congress would pull back all troops and allow them to capture kashmir.
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    Can you back up your statement with some proof? It would be interesting to know who these people are.

    IMO, the above proposal is a sly way of removing medium arty assets from the cold start battle groups.
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    I do not think that Artillery pieces can prevent terrorists from crossing the LOC. This just looks like an effort from the other side to get some brownie points in the international scene.

    Lemontree could be right, also it is going to be a hell of a job to verify this. Useless demand from Pakistan.
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    Pak should not worry with our 120mm guns as they are 40 yrs old most of them don't work. The new ones will not come in another 40 yrs.,so pakiyo relaxxxx

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