Slayer in India: October 2012

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    Slayer in India: October 2012 : Headbangers India

    We’ve heard rumours earlier, and we’ve been disappointed enough number of times. But here’s something that seems official. Slayer’s official website recently revealed that they will play at Bengaluru (or, as we prefer to call it- Bangalore) on the 20th of October 2012.
    Ticketgenie (India) has also started the sale of tickets on their site
    See for yourself:

    So, it seems like this time, it actually might happen. SLAYER WILL SLAY! Book your tickets, and prepare yourselves for the heaviest show of the year.

    We might not see Jeff Hanneman in action though, as it seems he is still to recover from his spider bite. The band is currently touring with Gary Holt from Exodus in place of Hanneman.

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