Shariat courts to also act as counsellors to save marriages

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    Shariat courts to also act as counsellors to save marriages
    Saturday, 29 August 2009
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    Lucknow, August 29: With a view to curbing the rising incidence of 'talaq' (divorce), shariat (Islamic law) courts have been asked to act as marriage counsellors with a clear cut brief to prevent divorces as much as possible.

    This guideline is being issued by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) for all shariat courts across the country.

    "The whole idea behind the move is to prevent disruption and division of families," said AIMPLB leader Maulana Khalid Rasheed, expressing concern over the growing tendency among couples to split over petty differences.

    While a shariat court was always seen only as a forum for formalising a split between a husband and wife, it would now also play the role of a facilitator to keep a couple united.

    Maulana Khalid Rasheed told IANS that the board has resolved to urge all shariat courts to see that talaq is accomplished only when separation is inevitable and there is no scope for a patch-up between an estranged couple.

    "Divorce is neither encouraged by religion nor by society; therefore it should be the prime duty of a qazi (shariat court judge) to prevent a family from getting separated," he said.

    "As such, anyone approaching a 'darul qaza' (shariat court) for talaq would first be subjected to several rounds of good counselling and discouraged from going in for divorce, which should be allowed only after it was established that re-uniting was impossible," he added.


    Shariat courts to also act as counsellors to save marriages | Siasat
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    what is shariat court?
    is it for only civil or even for criminal cases?
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    Sharia Courts dispels Islamic Personal Law, and takes up cases regarding Muslim Personal law. I am not an expert in this, and I would advice someone with superior Knowledge to kindly explain in Depth.

    And You can always google it.

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