Security of Politicians more important than National Security

Discussion in 'Defence & Strategic Issues' started by sob, Feb 17, 2010.

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    This is one undisputed fact, that the political class deems itself more important than the nation.And by extension their security needs come ahead of the national security.

    This point has recently been highlighted in an inadvertent slip by our Defence minister while commenting on the Scrapping of the deal with Airbus for the Refueling aircraft and the go ahead for the Choppers for VVIP duty.
    The full article is here.
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    this is an universal truth if anything exists by that name ever , go anywhere you please and its the same story

    no doubt that security aspect needs to be kept in mind for the VVIP but then what about the the national security , here maybe two points to it
    1. the politicians have no knowledge of the armed forces environment for that greater co-operation between the two is needed and this the armed forces must get themselves a bigger and transparent voice why i say this is because all armed forces deals are cloudy and apparently not transparent enough let the common man know the importance of the deal get the man on the street involved in their voices too and you will see the politicians bend away after all its the VOTE that matters .

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