Rajneeti--The mire of politics

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Jul 21, 2010
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    This film is a ruthless political mahabharat set on a grand stage---the politics of north india ,the heartland of the planets largest democracy.

    There is a kunti ( i did not catch the name of the actress ) ,who gives birth to karan (ajay devgan ) ,begotten from suryadev ( naseeruddin shah )........

    ..........and true enough , the karan grows up as a sutputra ( son of a mercedes driver ,to suit the modern era) ,to take the side of duryodhan ( manoj bajpai), in his battle against yudhisthir ( arjun rampal ) and his arch rival through the ages ,arjun ( played with aplomb by ranbir kapoor ),who are helped by krishna ( nana patekar ).....and there is even a draupadi ( katrina kaif ) ,who gets tossed between brothers.

    the lesson for the modern era--politics is dirty ,and not even can the good people let their hands remain unclean in the process.......

    the lesson from the mahabharat---victory in a brutal war can be won only on a pile of dead bodies.........

    nobody is really a good person here---neither yudhistir ,nor arjun.........

    the show is undoubtedly stolen by Ranbir Kapoor ,who plays a suave behind-the-scenes political operator with a cold-hearted bent ( shades of michael corleone from godfather ) to perfection .

    nana gives a restrained performance ,arjun rampal is handsome ( who said he does not look good ? ) ,katrina .........in the end she acts more like sonia gandhi in sari and foreign accent ......but ajay devgan is not at his best.

    the characters may be in the mold of the mahabharat ( they are not really named arjun kunti etc in the movie ,they are just playing their roles ) ,but some fighting scenes are copied from the godfather .

    sadly ,women's position has not changed from ancient times--they are just pawns in political games.........and the men ,even the best ,love their politics more than their women ........but they all look good ,especially katrina ......she looks oh-so-divine......so does ranbirs phoren wife......

  3. Yusuf

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    Was a bit too long the film. For all the hype the movie got I was waiting till the end to see how the leading lady was somewhere portraying sonia gandhi. It was all about ranbir and in the end it was just too much. I would rate it 2 on 5
  4. samarsingh

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    Jun 18, 2010
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    very predictable, agree with Yusuf, was just too much at the end
    verdict:- avoid it
  5. sandeepdg

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    Sep 5, 2009
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    Ruthless political drama !! Looked like modern day Mahabharata, brothers plotting against brothers and killing them ! Loved Ranbir's acting though ! One time see only type of movie. Agree with Yusuf, my rating is also 2/5.

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