Philippines and Indonesia resolves border disput

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    BBC News - Philippines and Indonesia resolve 20-year border dispute
    The agreement was signed by the
    foreign ministers of the Philippines
    and Indonesia in Manila
    The Philippines and Indonesia have
    settled a maritime border dispute after
    20 years of negotiations.
    Indonesian President Susilo Bambang
    Yudhoyono said this was a "good
    example" of how to resolve
    sovereignty issues without force.
    Meanwhile, Philippine President
    Benigno Aquino said his country
    wanted to end maritime issues
    through legal and peaceful means.
    The deal comes amid increased
    regional tension over territorial
    Deadly riots erupted in Vietnam last
    week, after China's decision to move a
    drilling rig into disputed waters in the
    South China Sea.
    The foreign ministers of Indonesia and
    the Philippines met in Manila to sign
    the agreement, which defines
    maritime borders in the overlapping
    exclusive economic zones of the
    Mindanao and Celebes Seas in the
    southern Philippines.
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