Philippines Allows Indian GovtShipbuilder to Bid for Frigate Program

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    The Department of National Defense
    (DND) accepted the motions for
    reconsideration of two foreign
    shipbuilding firms that seek to join the
    bidding for Philippine Navy's frigate
    program, a Navy official said.
    India state-owned Garden Reach
    Shipbuilders and Engineers, Ltd. and
    STX France, SA from Europe joined the
    P18-billion project to boost the
    country's maritime forces with new
    warships, Navy technical working
    group head Commodore Roland
    Mercado said in a state news report on
    DND earlier excluded the firms from
    the program due to deficiency in
    documents, but were recently
    reconsidered by the agency's Special
    Bidding Awards Committee after
    renewing their application.The firms
    now join Navantia Sepi (RTR Ventures)
    of Spain, and South Korean contractors
    STX Offshore and Shipbuilding,
    Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine
    Engineering Co. Ltd. and Hyundai
    Heavy Industries, Inc. which have
    passed the first stage of the bidding
    process. Mercado said the Defense
    officials are now conducting technical
    discussions with Garden Reach and
    STX France. The discussions will aid
    DND to draft final technical
    specifications of the required frigates,
    Mercado explained.
    He added that the committee was also
    tasked to closely scrutinize the hull,
    power plant, communications systems
    and weapons systems in the frigate
    designs submitted.
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    Re: Philippines Allows Indian GovtShipbuilder to Bid for Frigate Progr

    Why should GRSE bother about this? What AShM will they provide? Philippines will most likely go for some second hand US ship. May be US can give the OHP's ear marked for -----s to Philippines. Japan can also provide a few cutters. India should aid vietnam navy and start regular patrols with SEA nations.
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    Re: Philippines Allows Indian GovtShipbuilder to Bid for Frigate Progr

    It is more like making your profile known to the world. A competeive bid shows the mettle of the organisation, and this act shows the confidence level of GRSE.
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    Re: Philippines Allows Indian GovtShipbuilder to Bid for Frigate Progr

    GRSE is bidding competitively. It's an export option.

    GRSE can integrate any AShM Philippines likes. No problem in that, and that is true for CIWS, FCS and other equipment and software.

    Acquisition of used frigate/cutter for Ph Navy is separate.

    India is aiding Vietnam (though much is desired), recently gave $100 million grant for 4 patrol boats.
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