Palace blasts proposal to arm China fishermen

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    Palace blasts proposal to arm China fishermen
    Posted at 07/22/2012 7:38 PM | Updated as of 07/22/2012 7:38 PM

    MANILA, Philippines – Malacanang on Sunday warned against the proposal of a Chinese fishery official urging Beijing to provide arms and military training for its fishermen.

    The Philippine Star on Saturday reported that Washington Times columnist Miles Yu identified the Chinese official as He Jianbin, chief of the state-run Baosha Fishing Corp., who reportedly made the appeal in a June 28 commentary in the Communist Party newspaper Global Times.

    “Yu quoted the official based in Hainan province as saying, ‘If we put 5,000 Chinese fishing ships in the South China Sea, there will be 100,000 fishermen,’” the Philippine Star said in its report from its Washington Bureau.
    “And if we make all of them militiamen, give them weapons, we will have a military force stronger than all the combined forces of all the countries in the South China Sea,” the Chinese official reportedly said.

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    such a genius :rolleyes:

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