Pakistan ISI used Nepal as a hub for terror inside India: WikiLeaks

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    Pakistan ISI used Nepal as a hub for terror inside India: WikiLeaks

    Posted: Wed Sep 07 2011, 03:10 hrs

    In the run up to the hijacking of the Indian Airlines Flight 814 by Pakistan-based terrorist outfits, the ISI had made Nepal a hub of anti-India terror activities from where it pushed huge quantities of RDX into the country, latest US cables released by WikiLeaks say.

    In these cable, US officials have conceded that it is the ISI which created various terrorist fronts to carry out terrorist activities in India, including the bomb blasts in the busy areas of Connaught Place, Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi and several cities across the country.

    One of such organisation created by ISI in Pakistan was Jammu and Kashmir Islamic Front (JKIF), with its main base in Kathmandu.

    "To dispatch men and material and to execute explosions in India, Kathmandu was invariably made the nodal point and JKIF exploited the vulnerable Kathmandu-based Kashmiri businessmen for such activities since they had a readymade and clean past.

    ISI used Nepal as a hub for terror inside India: WikiLeaks - Indian Express
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    it is bound to happen when you get overly confident about your diplomatic skills. bureaucrats only work when its urgent. 2005 kashmir youths demanded university and jobs... no works...ignorance....2010 they instead demanded freedom from them...
    nepal demanded equality and investment... no reply...king falls... maoist soared... china in...isi in... things dont work like this...
    american diplomat in us embassy, Delhi makes plans to tackle maoist in India... this is done in every country us is present in which ultimately formulate policy of states...thats why they are always available with solution to problem..not because tey are behind it as per conspiracy theories...while Indian diplomats sip tea and issue they create hurdles in smooth visa issuing mechanism for making their presence felt...
    aise nahi bante superpower.

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