North Korea and Pakistan become world factories for nuclear bombs

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    North Korea and Pakistan become world factories for nuclear bombs

    22 Jul 2009 8ak: It has been well documented that India did not attack Pakistan after the Mumbai terror attacks and the previous attack on its parliament, simply because Pakistan has nuclear bombs. This has not been lost of tyrannical regimes who are now at various stages of procuring nuclear weapons. Today, there are reports that North Korea is seeking to sell the nuclear technology to Myanmar/Burma. A month ago, it was reported that a cash -trapped Pakistan would sell the bomb to Saudi Arabia. Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons is well documented and even Israel's worst-kept secret, its 400+ nuclear weapons, ensures that no matter what crimes it commits on Palestinian land, it can never be attacked by a sane country. So if you look at the list of countries fast-tracking nuclear weapons programs they are all dictatorial or tyrannical regimes seeking to ensure their survivability. Luckily Pakistan and North Korea are there to help them, backed by China. Read "Why China spread nuclear technologies to rogue nations". Both countries desperately need cash and believe that any nuclear attack from the buying country is more likely to be aimed at the U.S. or a joint task-force like the U.N. in which case they may band together anyway. Hillary Clinton is deceiving herself when she said that Myanmar possessing nuclear weapons is a threat to its neighbours.

    8ak - Indian Defence News: North Korea and Pakistan become world factories for nuclear bombs
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    Pakistan purchased 200 missiles from North Korea in 1999, according to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan
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    It look china want to do what germany did before world war....

    They got rogue country like pakistan and north korea to help them....

    I think time has come for nuclear free world....otherwise it will be too late...

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