U.S. preparing for possible wars with nuclear armed Pakistan and North Korea


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Oct 5, 2009
U.S. preparing plans for possible wars with nuclear armed Pakistan and North Korea

29 May 2010: Pakistan has released A.Q. Khan, father of their nuclear weapons program on the 11th anniversary of its 1999 Nuclear tests yesterday. His nuclear trade network made it possible for Iran to develop nuclear technology and North Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

For the first time in history, the U.S. finds itself in a position where it could actually go to war with nuclear armed adversaries - Pakistan and North Korea. After the failed Times Sq bombing in New York, Hillary Clinton took a tough stance and warned Pakistan of "consequences" if an attack on U.S. soil pointed to a Pakistani link. Now Washington Post has revealed that the U.S. is preparing a plan on how it would attack Pakistan. If this happened, the other first would be that the U.S. would have to fight against its own weapons including F-16s, missiles and modern artillery it has given to Pakistan even though these had little value in fighting the Taliban. Yesterday's Taliban attack on an Ahmadi mosque that killed 80 people highlighted the fact that Pakistan has little control over these groups who whilst targeting their fellow countrymen are also itching for a major overseas attack. See "Al Qaeda continues to plot from Pakistan: U.S." and Open Magazine: "Terror attack during India's Commonwealth Games"

Meanwhile, with clear evidence of a North Korean torpedo having sunk a South Korean naval vessel, South Korea has cut ties with the North and started amassing troops at the border and promised to punish the North. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il retaliated by promising an all-out war and the U.S. had to back up the South saying that it would support the South no matter what action it took. If North Korea conducted the torpedo attack on its own accord, it is a clear indication of the unbalanced mental state of Kim Jong Il and the reason that this could escalate in to a war. Seoul is only 35km from the North Korean border and despite naval superiority, the damage the North could do to is unthinkable, given that it has the 4th largest army in the world, nuclear weapons and access to missile technology from China. Daily Report: China, Iran & North Korea form strategic alliance.

China, as expected, has shown an unwillingness to accept evidence implicating its long time friend North Korea. Hillary Clinton's trip to China like many other trips of the Obama administration has produced little as China will also not give in to US demand of tougher sanctions against Iran. See The Diplomat: China's troubling Iran ties.



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May 26, 2010
Just pressure tactics...US still didnot come out of recession completely and they just cannot afford another war. N.Korea and Iran are both ruled by maniacs and they dont care about the consequences of letting a nuke missile free..needless to say about Pak...their dis-integration is just a matter of time!

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