New Gwadar International Airport: revised project approved by ECNEC

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    New Gwadar International Airport: revised project approved by ECNEC

    Executive Committee of National Economic Council (Ecnec) has approved the revised project of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) subject to the condition that it should have a landing facility for Boeing 777 and Air Bus A-380 aircraft at a cost to be rationalised by the Planning Commission in consultation with Aviation Division.

    Official documents available with Business Recorder reveal that the revised rationalised project envisaged the construction of NGIA along with allied facilities over a piece of land already acquired measuring 4,300 acres. The NGIA would replace the existing airport at Gwadar which has a small terminal building with a capacity limited to handling one ATR-42 or similar aircraft. The new airport aerodrome reference code would be C (having a runway width of 45m and length of 10,000 ft, suitable for B-737, Airbus 320 etc).

    The airport would initially handle aircraft up to code C but would be extended in length and shoulders for aircraft up to code E in future as and when required without major disruptions to operations. The scope of work includes construction of main runway (3,050m + 305m stop ways each end, X45m) with a provision of 2nd runway (3,658 m X 60 m) alongwith taxiways & expansion of other airside and landside facilities, 2 link taxiways, apron, visual aids, navigational aids, ATC tower and one and half level Passenger Terminal Buildings having a total covered area of 39,600 sq m. The scope of work also includes construction of a cargo terminal, access & internal road network, car parks for approximately 300 cars, CAA administration building, CAA rest house, mosque, radio building, fuel farm, ASF Camp, residential facilities for CAA's airport operations staff and utility network etc.

    The revised project is proposed to be executed on turnkey / EPC basis through Chinese loan which would be arranged by the GoP under China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC). The contractor(s) would be responsible for a detailed design and construction of all project components.

    According to the documents, the original project was approved by the Ecnec in its meeting held on January 21, 2010 at the cost of Rs 7.675 billion including an Omani Grant of $17.50 million, subject to the condition that no fundamental changes would be made in the original design and flight operations would not be compromised. It was also decided that out of the total cost, 10% will be borne by CAA (Rs 767.5 million), 20% from Omani Grant (Rs 1.535 billion) and the remaining 70% (Rs 5.372.5 billion) by the Federal Government through PSDP as an exceptional case.

    In order to secure the airport property/land, works for erecting a fence and construction of watch towers and a road for security patrolling along the 18km-long boundary fencing were awarded in 2009 at a cost of Rs 680 million. These site protection works were completed in 2014. Out of the total amount of Rs 829.404 million incurred on the project so far, Rs 345.979 million came from PSDP, Rs 276.649 million from Omani Grant and Rs 206.776 million from CAA funds.

    The Government of Pakistan and China have agreed to include NGIA as an early harvest project under China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The CDWP in its meeting held on October 20, 2014 considered the project and recommended the project in principle for consideration of Ecnec subject to rationalisation of scope and cost by a committee under the co-chairmanship of Member (I&RC) & Member (I&M) and comprising Chief (T&C) MPDR, Chief (Economic Appraisal Section) MPDR, JS (Dev.) Finance Division, representatives of Aviation Division and CAA. The revised project was then submitted for approval of Ecnec at the rationalised cost of Rs 21 billion including an FEC of Rs 2.182 billion

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